Election Update: Mayor, CD 11 and County Supervisor

Despite, the rain, Many people voted in person in Pacific Palisades.


According to the L.A. County Registrar as of November 17: The estimated number of outstanding ballots to be processed is 332,550. The registrar continues its counts with the final tally expected in December.

  • Vote by Mail ballots (VBM): 325,000
  • Conditional Voter Registration ballots: 7,500
  • Provisional ballots:50

It is unclear how many of those ballots are specific to L.A. City.


L.A. City Mayor’s Race – BASS VS. CARUSO

Although developer Rick Caruso was leading Karen Bass after election day, with each update from the registrar’s office, Bass tightened the race and then surpassed him. On November 16, Bass led Caruso by more than 46,500 votes.

That night, on Twitter, Bass wrote, “This evening I received a gracious call from Rick Caruso, who is someone I hope continues his civic participation in the the city that we both love. I have great respect for his commitment to service the people of Los Angeles.

“The people of Los Angeles have sent a clear message: it is time for change and it is time for urgency. . .I am honored and humbled that the people have chosen me to be the next Mayor of Los Angles.”

She said that her message to residents is:

  1.  We are going to solve homelessness and, 2. We are going to prevent and respond urgently to crime.

Bass added, “ .  . . know this – that work has already begun.”

Caruso in his concession statement said, “I’m proud of the work we did to engage long-neglected communities, giving a voice to the unheard, and to the light we shined on the biggest challenges facing our great city.

“There will be more to come from the movement we built, but for now, as a city we need to unite around Mayor-elect Bass and give her the support she needs to tackle the many issues we face,” Caruso said. “Congratulations, Karen, and God-speed.”


Traci Park

L.A. City Council District 11 – DARLING VS. PARK

In a statement November 17, Candidate for L.A. City Council District 11, Erin Darling said, “While the margin’s been tightening, my team and I no longer see a path to victory.” He congratulated Traci Park and wrote “In the wake of rancor and divisiveness of the last two years and the shocking, damaging attitudes on the leaked tapes on the Westside and LA in general, are in deep need of healing and unity that transcends race and economic status. I wish Councilmember-elect Park the very best in that crucial work.”

Park in her statement congratulated Darling, “Throughout the campaign, he was passionate about the issues and our community. I applaud all the candidates who stepped up to work towards making our City better.

“I am hopeful and excited about the prospect of making real change here on the Westside. My commitment from the outset was to be a responsive representative who works for everyone,” Park said. “Regardless of who you voted for, I look forward to working with you.

“The remarkable energy throughout the campaign is exactly what we need to make real change – it’s going to take all of us working together . . .thank you to the voters of CD 11for placing your trust in me. It is the honor of a lifetime to be given the opportunity to serve my community on the Los Angeles City Council,” Park said.


Lindsey Horveth

County Supervisor District 3 – HERTZBERG VS. HORVATH

Senator Bob Hertzberg conceded defeat in the Los Angeles County Supervisor Race on November 17 and congratulated Supervisor-Elect Horvath.

“With the most recent ballot update, it is clear to me that Lindsey Horvath will be our next County Supervisor,” Hertzberg said. “I want to offer my most sincere and humble congratulations to Supervisor-Elect Horvath. The challenges that we face as a County are extraordinary and it will take someone with Lindsey’s work ethic to be successful.”

The latest vote totals released Thursday showed Horvath with a 19,542- vote lead over Hertzberg, up from roughly 14,950 on Wednesday.

The District 3 seat, currently held by Sheila Kuehl who did not seek reelection, covers a majority of the San Fernando Valley, stretching from Westlake Village and Malibu to Calabasas, West Hills, Porter Ranch, San Fernando, Panorama City and Northridge, while also stretching to West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and parts of Venice.

“I am humbled and honored that the voters have chosen me to serve as their next Supervisor. Their confidence and support fueled our people-powered campaign across the finish line, and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to represent the people of District 3,” Horvath said.

“Voters chose a new path forward – a path where we humanely and effectively solve our homelessness crisis, a path where we invest in meaningful public safety solutions, a path where we fight unequivocally for full reproductive freedom, and a path where we urgently protect our environment and create a sustainable future for generations to come,” said Horvath, who had listed homelessness as a top priority of her campaign. “As supervisor, I will get the bureaucracy out of the way, create accountability, and expand partnerships with experts who know how to help people off the streets and into supportive housing.”

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