Councilmember Traci Park’s First 100 Days (Part 2)

Councilmember Traci Park working out of City Hall.

In addition to attending City Council meetings, which are three days a week, each councilmember is assigned to committees, which meet when Council is not in session.  Park must also spend time familiarizing herself with bills and motions brought forward by the other 14 Councilmembers.

Park is on Trade, Travel and Tourism, the transportation, public safety, economic and community development and government reform.

Park chairs the TTT Committee associated with LAX, which she says is important because it “is the economic engine for L.A” and the entry point for tens of millions of visitors every year.

“With so many big events coming to our city, it is an incredible platform to work on economic development and infrastructure issues,” the councilmember said. (The World Cup will come to L.A. in 2026 and the Summer Olympics in 2028.)

She is also vice-chairing transportation, and with traffic gridlock a common daily occurrence on the Westside, her input will be important to residents – many of whom are not served by adequate public transportation.

Hand-in-hand with public transportation, Park is also a member of the public safety committee.

“I know public safety is extremely important to the vast majority of our constituents on the Westside,” she said, noting that she is worried about staffing and funding levels at LAPD and LAFD. “I am really excited at the opportunity to advocate for ensuring that they have all of the resources that they need to keep our community safe.”

Parks sits on the economic and community development committee, which excites her because, “I have great relationships with our local business community on the Westside,” she said. “This is a committee that I can really use as a platform to make sure that we are investing in new business and keeping businesses and jobs in Los Angeles.”

She is also on the government reform committee and Park sees that as chance to bring change. “With all of the headline issues about corruption and bad behavior in local government in the past few years, this is a great opportunity to work to bring more transparency and accountability,” she said. “Hopefully we will begin the process of rebuilding trust with constituents and stakeholders in the city.”

When she first came to office, she said, “One of the most pleasant surprises was learning about the great programs that our city’s already offering.

“I don’t think we do a good job of publicizing some of the programs related to youth education and workforce development,” Park said. “Some of the work that we do around seniors and making sure that they have transportation to doctor’s appointments and to the pharmacy is amazing.”

She said she was amazed to learn how our street lighting systems work and the complexity of L.A.’s energy grid and how the city is converting renewables. “The dozens of departments and the work that they perform for our city has been surprising – just the scale of it,” Park said.

Councilwoman Traci Park at Ballona Creek, learning how the Coastal Interceptor keeps trash out of the Santa Monica Bay.

Park was asked about a typical day.

“No two days are ever the same,” she said. “Just navigating the system in the role of an elected official is surprisingly difficult. And there’s a lot of different opinions and views that need to be balanced and considered in making decisions.

“That’s something that I actually like about the job and it’s one of the things that I want to try to be most effective at,” Park said.

CTN has heard many constituents say they are upset because they haven’t had a one-on-one meeting with her, yet.

“I would ask folks who are impatient to continue to please be patient,” Park said. “I am new in this role; I have a very steep learning curve and there are a lot of demands on my time just on the city side as I’m getting acquainted with our department managers.

“But I am also trying to remain as accessible to constituents and as present in the community as I can,” she said. I have been making the rounds to various neighborhood and community council meetings, HOA meetings, meetings with our BID’s and trying to say, ‘yes’ to as many things as I can.”

She reminded people that they can reach out to her staff. “We have some incredibly talented and capable people who are working both in the field and on the city hall side,” the councilmember said. “Those folks are all here to serve and assist.”

Park was asked about what goes on behind the scenes that people might not know.

Many seem to think a politician has a bull’s eye on their back and do not have to be treated civilly. “A lot of the rhetoric and a lot of the personal attacks and threats, especially as a woman, are very uncomfortable,” Park said.

“There is a lot of effort to bully and intimidate elected officials who at the end of the day are still human beings,” she said.  “I was, and continue to be, a little bit surprised by some of the language and the behavior of people who may disagree with actions I’ve taken or decisions I’ve made.”

She said that those critical to her or those who disagree with her, should have a conversation.

“When you sit down and you actually try to understand someone’s perspective, why they feel the way they do about a particular issue, it really can be insightful,” Park said. “Those conversations can be really helpful in building bridges. And at the end of the day, that’s what I intend to do.”

Councilmember Traci Park and Mayor Karen Bass Visit Venice encampments to try and get people off the streets and into shelters.



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  1. Tony Lynn says:

    Stiletto heels. Interesting choice of footwear to interact with the homeless…

  2. Trish Sobul says:

    Does CM Park have a team of volunteers that are helping her in various ways. I am a very active senior, retired from health care, quite literate 😇. Would be very interested in learning what I might do to help her work towards her goals..🌷

  3. ANNINE MADOK says:

    Trish maybe you would be interested in helping volunteering with PPTFH?

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