Corpus Christi’s Father Kidney Hit by Scooter,

Monsignor Liam Kidney (fourth from the left) was struck by a motorized  scooter and taken to the hospital.  Here, Kidney helped lead the Palisades Interfaith Thanksgiving service.  

Taken to UCLA with Head Lacerations

Shortly after Monsignor Liam Kidney finished conducting a 2:30 p.m. Celebration of Life service for Ned Kelly on April 13, he was struck crossing the street between Corpus Christi church and the rectory.

A person on a motorized scooter struck Kidney so hard that the Monsignor hit the ground and was found lying flat in the middle of Toyopa. Paramedics were called and he was transported to UCLA Medical Center with lacerations on his head.

According to Joan Ingle, the former principal of Palisades Elementary and a member of Corpus, someone followed the rider down the street and confronted him. He was said to have said, “I’m out of here,” and walked off, leaving the scooter.

Circling the News emailed Councilman Mike Bonin’s spokesperson David Graham-Caso and asked about the hit-and-run accident. He responded in an April 23 email: “Yes, hit-and-run laws apply to people driving scooters. Because scooters are considered motor vehicles under the CA Vehicle Code, all traffic laws apply to them.

“There are a handful of statutes that apply specifically to operators of motorized scooters. Sidewalk riding is prohibited by CVC 21235(g). Other motorized scooter rules are in the same general code section. Breaking these rules is a moving violation and citations result in a fine and points on your license, just like if you committed the infraction in a car.”

CTN contacted LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore to ask if the scooter driver had been charged with “hit and run.”

Moore responded in an April 23 email, “The incident was treated as a ‘hit and run’ but Lime Scooter refused to cooperate with West Traffic Detectives and would not release the driver/renter info.”

Graham-Caso was informed of Moore’s statement and asked if the City/Bonin could intercede.

Joan Ingle’s concerns voiced in an email to CTN resonate with residents. She wrote, “The hazards of these are of great concern to many of us.”

CTN contacted Pacific Palisades Community Council President George Wolfberg, who said that PPCC has had only one or two informational briefings regarding scooters and no action was taken or motions made.

“I hope for Father Kidney’s speedy and complete recovery,” he said.



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5 Responses to Corpus Christi’s Father Kidney Hit by Scooter,

  1. Marge Gold says:

    Has the PPCC addressed this issue? Apparently, they did and did not not take a position.

    If Lime will not release information, they should be banned. Do we need to have a death to have this happen?

  2. Lynn Hylen says:

    Can’t the scooter driver information be subpoenaed? Then Lime has to release it. Maybe an attorney can help Father Kidney subpoena Lime. And I hope he heals quickly.

  3. Kathleen Jensen says:

    I agree!

  4. Mary Nelson says:

    So sorry this happened to this wonderful Priest and I hope he heals quickly.

    I dont understand why Lime isn’t forthcoming with the information, as a responsible company doing business would be. Lime should be banned from our Palisades streets if this is how they respond. They should be banned anyway, as this is just going to get worse. My friend’s car was hit in the side and the rider also took off. I’m sure if we took a poll this is happening quite often. What’s it going to take to regain control of our streets?
    We have 3 (count them, 3) streets in the Palisades, forget the dam kiddy scooters.

  5. Jim McCashin II says:

    Why can’t the City Attorney get a search warrant for Lime’s rental records for the date of the incident?

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