Coastal Commission Received Bike Path Information in June

This bike path bridge collapsed in February and residents hoped it would be fixed by the summer.

The cement bike path, that was part of the Marvin Braude Beach Trail Gap Closure Project, collapsed in early February. Water from heavy rains ran under the bridge and took out supports, closing the paved bike path at Will Rogers Beach.

Now with summer here, outgoing Pacific Palisades Community Council President Maryam Zar wrote in a June 26 email to Zachary Gaidzik, Coastal and Westside Field Deputy for L. A. County Supervisor Lindsey Horvath, “Can anyone in charge give me information about when and how this path will be restored?”

Gaidzik responded in a June 27 email, “My latest update regarding the project said there had been much behind the scenes progress in terms of getting everything in place for repairing the bike path but without any specific date confirmed. Which continues to frustrate me as I’m sure it frustrates the community. I should hopefully have more details answered about the next steps and the timetable by tomorrow and will circle back with everyone then.”

The next day Gaidzik wrote, “As it stands, work to repair the path is currently set to begin in September, much later than we originally hoped as the repair work requires additional permission from the California Coastal Commission. We have stressed to the department the need to move with as much haste as possible while ensuring that this repair is secure and long lasting.”

CTN reached out to the Coastal Commission and asked about the delay.

Coastal Commission Public Information Officer Joshua Smith wrote in a July 1 email to CTN, “The commission is working with Los Angeles County to get access restored to this segment of the Coastal Trail. We’re currently reviewing the county’s permit application, which we received in June.”

The bridge, which was built under a County/City joint powers agreement, began in February 2022, and included the construction of a concrete slab bridge, removal and replacement of culverts. The funding was $2.2 million in an active Transportation Program Grant and $3.8 million in Los Angeles County Measure R Local Return Funds.

The bridge was opened in May 2023 and at that ceremony, Supervisor Lindsey Horvath said, “The Marvin Braude Trail is a Los Angeles County gem, beloved as a destination for pedestrians and recreation as well as a commuter corridor for cyclists. Los Angeles County has invested in making the path safer and more enjoyable for those on foot and bike.”

The bike path (blue) ensured that bikes and pedestrians trail (white) were separated for safety reasons on the Will Rogers State Beach.


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3 Responses to Coastal Commission Received Bike Path Information in June

  1. Doug Day says:

    There is also a collapsed section at the culvert between 2nd and 1st jetties…it is coned off, directing people down the curb and into the parking lot

  2. Gary Rubenstein says:

    Hard to understand how a structure (The Bike Path) which was previously approved by the Coastal Commission should take months to clear that same hurdle again. It is bad enough that the cost to repair is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – now it appears that it will be rebuilt just in time for the end of summer! Another excellent City project!

  3. Sue says:

    It is actually a county project–L.A. County is in charge of the State beaches–and the city helps with enforcement–
    The real question is why the County waited until June to ask for Coastal approval.


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