Citizen of the Year, Sparkplugs Sought

Residents of Pacific Palisades are asked to nominate people for Citizen of the Year and Sparkplug. Photo: Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin

The PPCC is accepting nominations for the 2022 Citizen of the Year and Golden Sparkplug Awards.

The first Pacific Palisades Citizen of the Year was John Pixley in 1947. The tradition continued, and annually, the local town newspaper, the Palisadian-Post sought nominations to honor those residents whose volunteer work, which benefitted the town, was exceptional.

When the Post was sold in 2012, the owner no longer wanted to continue that tradition, and in 2012-2013, the awards and banquets ceased.

The Pacific Palisades Community Council stepped up and took over the awards and banquet.

The Citizen of the Year Award honors long-term, steady, reliable and continuing outstanding volunteer service as well as a recent extraordinary accomplishment by an individual that resulted in a substantial benefit to the Palisades community at large.

The recipient must be an adult resident of the Palisades at the time the accomplishment and long-term services were rendered.

The Golden Sparkplug Award honors those citizens who ignite original ideas and projects into community action that benefit Palisadians throughout the community.

The project must have been initiated, in progress or completed during the current or prior calendar year. Adults and youth are both eligible, and must either reside in, own real property in, or operate a business in the Palisades at the time the services were rendered.

In nominating a person, note that the services, accomplishment or project must have been voluntary and not related to nor a beneficial outcome of the nominee’s business, profession or occupation.

Neither award can be given to PPCC board members based on services directly related to their responsibilities as board members, although such services may be considered as a qualifying factor in the case of nominees for the Citizen Award. The Award recipients are based on the quality of work and benefits achieved, not the quantity of nominations.

Nominations must be submitted to  and the deadline for email receipt is 9 p.m. on October 31.

Those receiving the awards will be honored at the PPCC Awards celebration and Holiday Meeting on December 8, at Temescal Gateway Park.

The Community Council “Pride of the Palisades” distinction is discretionary and may be bestowed from time to time only in exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Awards Selection Committee. For further information about Award requirements, email, or visit


Citizens of the Year since 2000

(For a complete listing, visit:

2000 – Randy Young

2001 – Mitzi Blahd

2002 – Mindy Marin & John Neidlinger

2003 – Mike Skinner

2004 – Stuart Muller

2006 – Emil Wroblicky

2007 – Bob Jeffers

2008 – Marie Steckmest

2009 – Rose Gilbert

2010 – Rich Wilken

2011 – George Wolfberg

2012-13 – No award

2014 – Rob Weber

2015 – Sharon Kilbride

2016 – Daphne Gronich

2017 – Bruce Schwartz

2018 – Jimmy Dunne & Bob Harter

2019 – Kevin Niles

2020 – No award (event postponed because of pandemic)

2021 – Christina Spitz

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