Can’t Get Your “Stupid” Cell Phone to Work?

Don’t throw your cellphone into the trash. Come to Palisades Seniors Alliance and learn how to use it.

And Other Technology Questions Answered

The Palisades Alliance for Seniors will address “Get Comfortable with Your Android/Smartphone/Tablet” at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, August 12, in the Palisades Library community room.

The speaker will be Palisades High School junior Kainoa Kanter. Those seniors who attended the one-on-one technology sessions at the high school may remember that Kanter was the expert to whom other students turned to for answers if they were stumped.

At the beginning, using a smartphone or other device may seem daunting, but it does not take long to become intuitive. The idea is to help seniors over the “hump.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring their devices with them to the meeting, so they can follow along. The introductory program will cover the following basics:

  • Turning the device off and on.
  • Adjusting volume and how to silence a phone.
  • Adjusting settings.
  • Making and answering calls; retrieving voicemail.
  • Navigating the home screen.
  • Installing apps.
  • Setting up launchers.
  • Sending text messages.
  • Using the camera. Taking and sending photos, including selfies.
  • How to solve problems.

Unlike the sessions at the high school, this will be a lecture format and there will not be any one-to-one help available.

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