Build a Float for Fourth of July Parade: Win $1000

Lou Kamer helped craft this float that featured Co-honorary mayors Billy and Janice Crystal.
Photo: Morgan Genser

By entering the Fourth of July parade, local service organizations/schools/nonprofits are eligible to win $1,000 – sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary.  To win, entrants must register with Pageantry Productions at PALISADES4th.COM by June 10 and then build a float or other parade entry.

Many groups might worry they have no idea how to build a float.

Luckily, resident Lou Kamer has offered his assistance.

“This could be really fun,” he said, “we just need a few people to join along. If people get a group together, we will walk them through how to enter and what to do step by step, either on zoom or in person,” he joked there are two requirements having fun and eating pizza.

He does have float-building expertise and told Circling the News, “Once again, our neighbors and their kids will be joining us to dream-up, design, build, decorate and drive “The Alphabet Streets Spectacular” float in the 4th of July parade.”

Kamer said that in prior years, “We’ve built Washington crossing the Potomac boats, and Apollo lunar landers with Palisades honorary co-mayors Janice and Billy Crystal.

“We’ve recreated our beautiful local mountains with Resilient Palisades, and made a mini-Palisades on a flatbed truck, complete with sun and clouds, dolphins, and a kiddie pool. . .. complete with bubbles,” he said.

“The cool thing is that although parents help, it’s really the kids who get to come up with the design and work together to see it become something incredible,” Kamer said. “That’s also the definition of a vibrant community.”

This year with help from the YMCA, all float builders are encouraged to chat with Lou to get an idea, and then meet at Simon Meadow the day before the parade to assemble the floats.

“We’ll decorate and store the floats .. . .and eat,” Kamer said. Then on the Fourth “we’ll head up to the parade staging area and off you go.”

Kamer promises that “This is one of the most unique and memorable family experiences you can have. Oh, also, you can win $1,000.”

Honorary Co-Mayors Billy and Janice Crystal as “Washington crossing the Potomac.”                                        Photo: Courtesy Lou Kamer

Here are the steps:

  • Enter by contacting Pageantry Productions at
  • Gather a group of people together for ideas and support
  • Contact Kamer for his thoughts and come up with an idea
  • Decorate the float on July 3
  • Put your float in the parade – and possibly win $1,000.
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