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The picnic tables will be replaced by three bocce courts. The maintenance yard is behind the fence. The Park Advisory Board may discuss the bocce courts.

Park Advisory Board Quarterly Meeting

The Palisades Park Advisory Board will hold its quarterly meeting at 7 p.m. on July 17, in the small gym at the Recreation Center, 851 Alma Real Dr. Residents are invited and public comment is sought.

The agenda was not set yet when this posting was prepared on Tuesday afternoon.

Circling the News hopes that several topics can be discussed. One would be an updated report on the proposed dog park along Temescal Canyon Road, which Councilman Mike Bonin promised he was still preparing at the June 13 Community Council meeting.

It would also be nice to have an update on Potrero Canyon Park and to know if the park (down to PCH) needs to be completed before the Rec Center parking lot can finally be resurfaced. Will Rogers Run director Brian Shea says its never been redone in the 42 years he’s headed the race.

 In addition, people would like to know the status of the Veterans’ Gardens and bocce courts and if there has been any movement on upgrades at the playground, which is not ADA compliant. And how about the park bathrooms, which are also not ADA compliant?

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