Bid on Items and Aid Paul Revere Middle School

Bid on a certificate for Cinque Terre West, a popular eatery in Pacific Palisades.

Many residents may remember the annual fundraising parties at their children’s school (private and public), which always had a silent auction.

This Saturday Paul Revere Middle School continues the tradition from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Annenberg Community Beach House. With food catered by Marmalade, it promises to be a great evening (

Here’s the best part, if your kids are no longer at a school, thanks to the internet, you can still bid on items. Visit:

Resident Maryam Zar, who is on the Revere PRIDE board, welcomes residents to join in the bidding fun.

There are certificates for Erewhon, Bloomingdales, Jaimie Geller Jewelry and surfing lessons. The Yogurt Shoppe has donated certificates, as well as Pearl Dragon, Cinque Terre West and several hotels, such as Westin Rancho Mirage Resort.

Or if you don’t need any products, one can help with school needs. For example, Revere’s librarian, Ms. Gualano, is hoping for donations to purchase new books. Gualano said the California library model school standard is for 28 books per student with an age up to 15 years.

Revere currently has nine books per student with an average age of 20 years or more. Her goal is to have 15 books per student.

Gualano says, the library is a place where kids often find themselves escaping the noise of campus, finding solace in a book, getting homework done and often forging ahead academically.

She quotes Tom Angelberger, “A school library is like the bat cave: it’s a safe fortress in a chaotic world, a source of knowledge and the lair of a superhero.”

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