Beloved PPBA Umpire Dirk Robinson in the Hospital

Dirk Robinson is behind the plate.

(Editor’s note: Anyone who has had a kid play in the Pacific Palisades Baseball Association over the last few decades has come in contact with Umpire Dirk Robinson, who is known as even-tempered, fair and a good man. Circling the News received the following letter from PPBA Commissioner Bob Benton.)

To know Umpire Dirk is to love Dirk Robinson.

Dirk has been PPBA’s lead umpire for 16 years. He has also been responsible for recruiting the other PPBA umpires for Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, and Pony teams year after year.

Many of you have had multiple children at the plate with Dirk watching over them, encouraging them, and making the hard calls. And, always with a smile on his face and a fair temperament on the field.

Dirk has spent thousands of hours over the years on public buses — faithfully commuting to his adopted Palisades community because he loves working with our kids. It’s more than just a job for Dirk, it’s part of his legacy.

Sadly, yesterday, Dirk had his right foot partially amputated due to complications with diabetes. He’s recovering in the hospital for several more days this week and is so disappointed to miss the playoff season with all his beloved PPBA families.

Dirk has a long journey ahead, learning to adapt to maneuvering without losing his faith and his amazing sense of humor. He will need several months of rehabilitation and therapies, some of which are covered by insurance and many of which are not. In addition, Dirk will be unable to work for the next few months and will need assistance with physical therapy, groceries, transportation, etc.

Now is a beautiful time for our PPBA community to rally around Dirk and support him through this challenging time. Here’s how you can help.

  1. Join us in this special fundraiser where we hope to cover Dirk’s uninsured expenses for the next several months, to ease his stress during his challenging recovery...


  1. Have your PPBA player write a get-well note to Umpire Dirk and give it to your coach this week or drop it through the mail slot at Palisades Chamber of Commerce on Antioch next to the UPS store. We will gather all the notes to bring to Dirk at the hospital. He will love hearing from all the players.

Dirk has been a meaningful presence in our baseball family, and we hope you will join us in supporting Dirk. He misses everyone and promises he will be back better than ever.

Let’s Go for Dirk! Please click the link below.

Bob Benton and the PPBA Board

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