AT&T Tower Is Now Secure; Castellammare Residents May Finally Have Continuous Service 

AT&T’s equipment is now housed in a steel cage, just south of Maestro’s restaurant along Pacific Coast Highway. 

A Pacific Palisades resident who did the detective work to find out why the Castellammare area is often without AT&T services, wrote to CTN: “Every time I thought the problem was solved, the AT&T tower would be vandalized, leaving us without service for several more days.”

The resident sent numerous letters to AT&T and finally to the FCC. “AT&T repair tech, Craig English, came to our rescue over the last two months,” the resident wrote. “He took it upon himself to get parts coming in, made himself available and ‘our’ tower a priority when called, and drove back from other job sites to keep repairing the ‘tower’ on the ground.

“It was his guess that the owners of the camper van and vehicle [parked near the tower along Pacific Coast Highway] were the vandalizers,” the resident said, noting that “every couple of days the power would go out and wires broken or slashed.”

The resident said that repairman English did the repairs and found a special repair person to secure the tower with a steel cage.  “Voila!” the resident said. “We have had wonderful service now since February 17 with no problem!”

She added that it took only four months of continuous diligence to ensure continuous service.

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