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Circling the News was excited to see KaynDave’s restaurant logo and drawings in the window on the empty storefront next door. Could this mean that the popular small cafe might expand into the former Dry Bar space?

No, the space has been leased to Kitson, an upmarket department store chain whose main store used to be on Robertson Boulevard and was a well-known place for celebrity spotting. In April, Paliskates carried a Kitson popup shop (


Pacific Palisades Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore will retire this month.

Palisades Senior Lead Officer to Retire:

Michael Moore, the town’s long-time LAPD Senior Lead Officer, is retiring on January 13. He will be temporarily replaced by James Allen.

CTN contacted West Los Angeles Commanding Officer Jonathon Tom on January 10 to inquire about the possibility of long-time beach patrol Officer John “Rusty” Redican replacing Moore.

Redican, who has worked in this area for five years, returns calls promptly and is familiar with the town and people.

Tom responded: “The selection for the SLO position is a competitive process. We will not be able to make any selections until the City lifts the moratorium on hiring and promotions.”

CTN asked how long the new officer would be here. “It will be four weeks,” he wrote in a subsequent email. “We are trying to rotate people in and out of the position for four weeks at a time.”

Redican told CTN that he is interested in the position.


The Starbucks on the corner of Swarthmore and Sunset Boulevard was closed on Sunday, much to the dismay of many farmers market shoppers. CTN reached an employee at the Starbucks on Palisades Drive, who said his understanding was that the Sunset store had closed because of a Covid quarantine, but the Palisades Drive location remains open. Additionally, Estate and Luxxe coffee shops were available to coffee drinkers on Sunday.

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2 Responses to Around the Town Happenings:

  1. Nina Madok says:

    The Drybar is closed? Permanently?

  2. Sue says:

    Yes. The counters and structures have been removed.

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