Around the Pacific Palisades: Illegal Vendors, Unslightly Newsracks and a Rifle


A resident ran a photo of yet another illegal pop-up food stand along Sunset Boulevard and noted “ . . .and then there were two.”

Notice the propane tank on the sidewalk, which means a permit is needed from the Los Angeles Fire Department. The vendors do not have a permit.

Additionally, the food vendors need a permit to serve food from the L.A. County Health Department and vendors in Los Angeles also need a permit. These vendors do not have one.

At least three violations, maybe more. But as the resident said, “The City of L.A. enforcement is lackluster because there are not enough resources. The vendors know this and take advantage of it. Smaller cities are much more successful in dealing with this.”

Maybe it’s time to ask if Malibu wants to annex Pacific Palisades? Malibu might enforce street vending. More importantly, that City of Malibu has a Geology and Coastal Engineering department. On the web site, it notes that “The City Geologist reviews engineering geology reports, building and/or grading plans, and as-built engineering geology and compaction reports for proposed projects. In addition to performing site visits and reviewing reports, staff notifies the City and applicant of potential geologic hazards that are associated with the project.”

This editor wonders if Malibu would have approved the Tramonto landslide development.



Another resident wrote: “I wonder how we can get rid of the numerous and abandoned metal newspaper stands that are located in our community? Most, if not all are not functioning as they should be as distributing newspapers. Many are simply being used as trash receptacles, even dog poop.

“Months ago, I took the names of the firms that publish their products and they never responded to my inquiries. I would also semi willing to assist in the removal of such with the help of a friend or two.”

When this editor worked at the Palisadian-Post, I learned that individual papers paid the city for the right to have street newsrack.

It seems if the City is no longer receiving income for them, then they should be removed. A local beautification group P.R.I.D.E., which just received a Pacific Palisades Community Council award, should be able to spearhead this.



This editor was told a man with a rifle was found in the Palisades on November 14. CTN reached out to Palisades Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin who reported “A call was generated for a man with a rifle. It was a homeowner that was shooting rodents with a pellet gun in his yard. No arrest.”

Many of us who have vermin in our yards and don’t want to use poison want to know if this method actually works. Sure, we live trap the little buggers, . . . .but then they beg to be set free, and what can you do? Turn them loose in your neighbors yards? (JK)

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