Armed Postal Robbery Update: Locks Changed?

Palisades Post Office employees would not confirm nor deny if the blue box keys had been changed.

A United States Postal carrier was robbed at gunpoint in the Huntington Palisades on August 21 Gates Security Founder Scott Wagenseller alerted Circling the News to the crime on August 24.

“My staff were informed by the Postal Police that an armed robbery had occurred near Drummond and Ocampo and that the only thing the suspect demanded were postal keys,” Waggenseller said, and noted he wanted to get his information out to the community. “Our concern is that the keys could access apartment and condo lobbies and their mailboxes, and the curbside blue boxes in 90272.”

U.S. Postal investigators are handling the robbery and it would seem to be an obvious fix to change the locks on the blue postal boxes.

CTN received a note from a reader last week saying that the locks had not been changed because it was too expensive.

CTN went to the Post Office at 15243 La Cruz Drive on August 30 and asked if the locks had been changed. The clerks said they were not allowed to answer that question and gave this editor the number for the U.S. Postal Inspector. CTN called and left a message, but no one has returned the call.

The clerks at the Palisades Post Office also gave this editor a copy of the letter that was handed out to postal customers in the Huntington area.

It noted that the U.S. Postal Inspection service was investigating a theft. “It is possible your bank accounts, checks, and/or credit/debit cards may have been compromised. You are strongly advised to immediately notify your banks and other financial institutions to determine if your accounts have been compromised.”

Customers were told they could report theft online click here or by calling (877) 876-2455.

Palisades House of Representative Brad Sherman would be the person responsible for helping residents ensure U.S. Postal mailbox locks are changed.

This should be a simple task for our U.S. representative. Reach out to him and demand that the U.S. Postal Service in Pacific Palisades be secure. Ask that the locks be changed on the boxes, and that the criminal responsible be brought to justice click here.

In the meantime, if a resident is mailing something, go inside the Post Office and drop it in the lobby box, to ensure it won’t be stolen – until someone confirms the locks have been changed.

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  1. Elizabeth Alford says:

    Done. Used an easy form with a drop down menu that allows one to chose the USPS as the federal agency for which one needs assistance. Form has place for social security number- not required unless requesting help from Social Security- leave blank. Received a confirmation ID # when sent. And a confirmation email.

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