An AYSO Alert–and Some Advice for Parents:

Everyone plays with AYSO. During the regular season, no player sits out more than a quarter.
Photo: Courtesy AYSO

Building an Athlete Means Putting the Child First

As parents wonder how they can help their children achieve enjoyment and success in sports, researchers have narrowed the process down to the following tips:

* The single greatest effect on performance is an athlete’s state of mind;

* Youth sports used to be about children competing against other children; now it is often adults competing against other adults through their children;

* Children play sports because it is fun; winning comes in way down the list;

* Children quit sports when they don’t get to play, and when winning becomes more important than enjoyment;

* 90% of children would rather play on a losing team than sit the bench on a winning team;

* Competition is important but being competitive comes from putting the needs and priorities of our children first.


Given that information, AYSO with its philosophies of Open Registration, Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development, embodies what researchers have found are best for youth.

There are still a few openings in most divisions in the AYSO Region 69 soccer program (including Pacific Palisades). Visit: and read the information under the Registration Tab (Welcome Letter and Documents) then go to the right corner and click REGISTER NOW  to create a family account. The registration for fall 2019 is $390 if you sign up before August 10. The fee rises to $400 starting on August 11.

AYSO Region 69 has been serving the communities of Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Topanga and adjoining neighborhoods since 1975, and has once again been recognized as a Platinum Region for its outstanding program. All children with birth dates between 2001 and 2016, are eligible to play. There is a VIP Program for those children with special needs.

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