A-Team Clears the Roosevelt Tunnel under PCH

Members of the “A-Team” scooped sand out of the tunnel.

A plea went out Sunday night for volunteers to help clear the sand in the Roosevelt Tunnel.

This is one of only two tunnels that allow pedestrians to travel under Pacific Coast Highway to safely access the beach from Santa Monica Canyon.

All volunteers were asked to bring a shovel and a bucket and . .  .were also promised a great workout.

Luckily, the Canyon A Team consisting of Sharon “Killer” Kilbride, Vince Imhoff, Amy Hopper, Tom Pryor, Doug Suisman, Joni Kramer and Andy Ibarguen heard the call and responded at 8 a.m. at the corner of PCH and Chautauqua armed with implements.

Scooping the sand into buckets and then carrying it up the stairs provided a workout that could even challenge a gym rat.

Sand had to be carried up the tunnel steps.

“Killer” Kilbride reported that “a few passersby’s helped carry buckets of sand up the stairs and emptied them back on the beach.

A mere two hours later and the tunnel once again passable.

When you see members of the A-Team – give them your thanks.

The A-Team worked for two hours moving the sand back to the beach.

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5 Responses to A-Team Clears the Roosevelt Tunnel under PCH

  1. How lucky we are to have these people in our community. Thank you A-Team!

  2. Judi Watson says:

    Thank you A Team!

  3. Adam Wolman says:

    What a generous, impressively muscle-intensive community service to organize and carry out — exhausted just reading about it. And grateful. Thank you so much to everyone involved!

  4. Bruce Schwartz says:

    Kilbride is an Angel!

  5. K says:

    Love it! What great neighbors we have. Thank you for your hard work.

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