A Statue Planned for Caruso’s Village

Some wonder if the mystery statue will be former Pacific Palisades resident Will Rogers. This statue is located in the Will Rogers Museum in Oklahoma.

Who Is Caruso’s Mystery Statue?

Palisades residents are really lucky. A statue will soon be unveiled at Caruso’s Palisades Village.

When my children were small, we traveled standby. With a pilot for a husband, we indeed did receive free airline travel, but it was on a space-limited basis. That meant that if the plane was full, we often stayed at the airport and waited for the next flight or had to wait until the next day.

I adopted the Pollyanna game with my kids, always looking on the bright side. “Aren’t we lucky? We didn’t know we’d get to spend more time in this airport.” Or “Aren’t we lucky? We get to stay overnight at a hotel.” One particularly problematic time, we were turned away as we boarded, but our suitcases made it. “Aren’t we lucky, we get to wear the same clothes tomorrow when we get up at 4 a.m. to try for the next plane.”

I invite Palisades residents to share my optimistic view. “When construction was first proposed, we didn’t even know we were going to get a statue. What a great bonus! Our town doesn’t have any statues.”

A resident sent a photo of the hooded statue as it was being placed, just off Swarthmore, and I am awaiting permission to reprint the photo.

Someone speculated that the statue might be Mort Farberow, the late owner of Mort’s Deli on Swarthmore, but Mort rarely wore a suit and the statue seemed to be of a man in a suit. Another person predicted that it represents Rick Caruso’s dad, Henry. Another person thought it might be Will Rogers.

Circling the News is not in favor of speculation, so we contacted Mary Fontamillas, Caruso’s senior VP of marketing and communications, and asked for more details. By the end of the business day on Monday, we still had not received a response. As soon as we do, we’ll update the page.



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5 Responses to A Statue Planned for Caruso’s Village

  1. Steve Dickey says:

    Caruso has family members in statue at The Grove and Americana. His kids initials and name if his boat on thd wind vane on top of Amazon Books.

  2. Lynn Borland says:

    Will Rogers would be the most appropriate statue. If it is another person it will be a mistake.

  3. Chris Casady says:

    Our first statue! Let’s hope it isn’t removed decades from now when social/political winds change.

  4. Marge Gold says:

    Oh the suspense!!!

  5. Nina Kidd says:

    By now you all know the identity of the mystery statue. A week or so ago I saw a figure laid out, toes-up on a flatbed truck on Sunset. Looked to be a man in a suit, feet together as if at attention. Maybe it will look better vertical.

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