A Message from Msg. Liam Kidney at Corpus Christi Church

(Editor’s note: This is Holy Week for Christians, with Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday usually marked with religious observances and family gatherings. Circling the News reached out to Father Kidney, who responded with the following letter.)

My Dear Friends,

I hope and pray that you are all doing well in the midst of these very uncertain times.

For many of us, being together in close quarters and for such long periods of time can be joyful, supportive and, also, very stressful. We can begin to discover things we hadn’t noticed that now begin to scratch us a little bit. One of our great American patriots once said, “These are the times that try men’s souls”.

I would like to share with you some practical advice that may help during this time of stress and anxiety:

· Do not panic. There will be an end to this. This is not our new norm.

· Do not demonize. Don’t get caught in the trap of looking for someone to blame.

· Reach out to those who are sick, suffering, lonely and afraid. We need each       other.

· Say your prayers. Put you trust in the God who made you and the God who loves you.

· Do not be afraid. Our God is greater than any pandemic.

My friends, the biggest challenge is not to allow this pandemic to control who we are as people; but to realize that we, as human beings, have power over our own lives and we will not give up that power to something outside of ourselves.

Siempe Adelante!

Monsignor Liam Kidney,


Corpus Christi Church

Pacific Palisades

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3 Responses to A Message from Msg. Liam Kidney at Corpus Christi Church

  1. John Marrone says:

    God Bless Monsignor Kidney! A true gift to the Palisades.

  2. Sharon Smiley Lusk says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom Msg. It is wonderful to hear your voice of reason.
    Happy Easter and many Blessings.

  3. M says:

    Thank you, Monsignor Kidney…..for your words of faith and wisdom. M

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