A Member of the “A Team” Returns

Officer Adam Margin goes into the hillsides and canyons looking for illegal campers that could cause fires.

Los Angeles Police Officers Adam Margin and Jose Bermudez used to be referred to as the “A Team” by past president of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness, Sharon Kilbride.

She said that the two, who were members of Los Angeles Police Department’s Beach Detail, worked at all hours and in all sorts of terrain, going above and beyond to keep the community safe.

The work of the beach detail is vitally important to ensure camping does not happen on the hills and canyons in the Palisades, all of which is in the Very High Fire Severity Zone.

Margin was with the detail from 2020 to 2022, but then was assigned to training officers in 2023 and left the Palisades.

His former partner Bermudez was here until this spring when he was promoted as a Senior Lead Officer to West LA.

PPTFH was concerned about losing two officers who had intimate knowledge of the work needed for this detail ,and was happy to learn that Margin would be returning.

“We are thrilled to have Officer Margin back as our lead Beach detail officer because of his knowledge of our problematic hillside areas and hot spots,” Kilbride said.

On Margin’s first day back, he found someone, illegally camping, who had a felony burglary warrant.

During his first week back in the Palisades, Kilbride said, “He and his team made seven felony arrests and caught one person in the Via Olas Bluffs in the posted fire hazard zone.”

Margin attended high school at Saint Monica’s, before attending Cal State Dominguez. After graduating, he worked as a pool clerk, before joining LAPD in 2017.

He said he feels the beach detail is important because “of hillside fire threats, and because of community safety.”

Margin also likes the partnership between the community and the police and because of that feels that “there is nothing he can’t solve.

He also received a certificate of recognition from councilmember Traci Park in May 2023 for his outstanding work in the Palisades.

“I am happy to be back serving the Palisades working with my beach detail partners Officers Yunphian, Smaldone and Suleiman,” Margin said.

PPTFH is equally glad to have Margin back because of his experience and knowledge of this area.

“We feel that the Safety of the Palisades is in great hands and couldn’t think of a better person at the helm,” the group said. “We feel safer with Margin working with us.”

Officer Margin offers compassionate help to the homeless.

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  1. Bruce Schwartz says:

    What an awesome person!

  2. Sylvia says:

    With tears in my my eyes, I think of how proud I am of my little cousin.

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