A Home Invasion Robbery Reported in Santa Monica Canyon: Suspects Arrested

A Stassi Lane resident was threatened with a box cutter, when she interrupted a hot prowl burglary in progress.

The victim was in her bedroom on May 31. Around 12:30 p.m., she heard a noise. She opened her bedroom door and observed two suspects, Tyrell Moore, 19, and Tyrone Spence, 25, in her hallway.

The suspects confronted the scared victim, brandished a box cutter, and demanded property. They blocked her path to prevent her escape before taking valuables and fleeing from the residence.

The victim called 911 and West Los Angeles Police responded, quickly. The officers learned that the victim’s iPad was among the stolen property and worked with the victim to track the device.

Via tracking, it showed the iPad was only a few blocks away. The officers obtained the suspects’ descriptions and went to the last known location of the iPad.

At that location, LAPD observed the suspects, who still had the victim’s property in their possession. The suspects were detained and a field show-up was conducted (a field show-up is a procedure in which a suspect is detained shortly after the commission of a crime and who, based on his/her appearance, distance from a crime scene or other circumstantial evidence, is suspected of having just committed a crime).

The suspects were positively identified. The victim’s stolen property was recovered and returned to her, after being photographed as part of the criminal investigation.

WLA Robbery Detectives were notified and immediately responded to the scene.

The suspects were arrested and booked into custody for 211 PC – Robbery. The suspects turned a Hot Prowl Burglary (property crime) into a Robbery (violent crime) when they brandished the box cutter as a weapon, threatening the victim with violence.

Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin told CTN that both suspects are in custody and will be arraigned tomorrow, June 2, for Robbery.

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    But are they still in jail ?

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