A Bad Neighbor Is Hard on Locals

Alphabet Street residents want the City to enforce the noise ordinances.     Photo: attitudemag.com

Noise from Caruso’s Village Affects Neighbors

For weeks, residents who live around Palisades Village have lodged complaints to both Caruso management and the L.A. Police Department about amplified music projecting from the property into the neighborhood.

Municipal Code 115.02 prohibits amplified music within 500 feet of a residential zone.

Caruso has sidestepped residents’ complaints by telling them he is supporting nonprofit organizations with concerts and invitation-only gatherings at the Park, the small green space between the Draycott and Blue Ribbon Sushi, along Monument.

“These nonprofit events are a red-herring,” a resident told Circling the News. “They are simply diverting attention from the real issues.” She maintains the events are a marketing effort by Caruso to attract people to his project’s stores and restaurants.

Other residents, who have tested the decibels of the music and found it is above the legal limit, say that amplified music imposes an undue burden on the residential neighborhood, which is why it is not permitted by law.

Alphabet Street residents are concerned that Caruso’s influence at City Hall and on the Palisades Community Council will allow Caruso to continue to negatively impact the quality of life of local residents, by not following the law regarding amplified music.


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One Response to A Bad Neighbor Is Hard on Locals

  1. Diane Martin Bock says:

    Those of us who had our doubts about this project from the beginning were treated quite rudely by many in favor of the project. One piece in the Palisades Post’s Two Cents column suggested that the grand opening should include things that would upset the nay sayers. Loud music was one example given. Several references in the same column of the Palisades Post were made indicating that the people of the Palisades were finally getting the type of shopping opportunity most appropriate to their life style. It was even suggested that the only reason existing shops failed was that no locals supported them. As an old timer I know that was not the case. For those who were so happy about the project I hope it is everything you wanted it would be. For those of us who still have our doubts we should put on a happy face and hope things work out better than we thought they would. It is a done deal and I only have one question, how long will it take to lease a three bedroom apartment overlooking Sunset for $38,000.00 per month?

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