“80 for Brady” Features the Fabulous Four: Moreno, Fonda, Tomlin and Field

Rita Moreno, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Sally Field star in “80 for Brady.”
Photo: Paramount Pictures


By now you’ve heard that Tom Brady has retired from football. Again.

But the respected actresses, who star in a movie with his name in the title, seem perfectly happy to continue in their chosen careers. And we’re glad for it.

Palisadian Sally Field and former Palisadian Rita Moreno, who also was an honorary Palisades mayor, star with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in 80 for Brady. Fonda has a strong link to the Palisades because that’s where her brother, Peter, lived.

Sally Field
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Let’s call Field, Moreno, Fonda and Tomlin the Fab 4.

Inspired by a true story, the Fab 4 play close friends and New England Patriot fanatics in 80 for Brady who travel from Massachusetts to Houston to see their favorite quarterback play in the 2017 Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons.

The 80 in the title refers to the decade of life of most of these four women. But Field’s character frequently reminds others in the film that she’s in her 70s, not her 80s.

The Super Bowl is the setting and its February 3 release date is timed to this year’s Super Bowl mania. (This year’s Super Bowl is February 12.)

That’s important for Field who said “I’m a sports fan. And I think the world underestimates the huge sports audience that older women are.”

Field and the rest of the Fab 4, said this film is not only about football.

Rita Moreno
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At the film’s premiere Tuesday in Westwood, Moreno said the movie clearly is about friendship. And she relates the feeling to her own friends.

“I have very close friends. And I don’t have a lot of them and that’s deliberate.”

And Moreno added “I treasure female friendship.”

Working closely with the other Fab 4, Moreno lavished praise over Field, Fonda and Tomlin, whom she now counts as her friends.

She said it was “fabulous working with these women. They’re so professional. They’re very funny. They are smart. They are wise. They are everything a girlfriend should be. And we have become friends. And that’s pretty fabulous!”

Field said she has known Fonda and Tomlin for decades. “Lily and Jane, I admire so greatly. Rita, I didn’t know. But her life… I admire her so greatly.”

Field described 80 for Brady as a romp with hi-jinx. There’s even a little dancing. One highlight is to watch Rita Moreno show she still has her dance moves. Moreno was 90 when the movie was filmed last spring.

Back to Brady. Along with appearing in some of the movie’s scenes, he produced 80 for Brady. And you could call him Palisades-adjacent. When he and Gisele Bündchen were together, they lived in Brentwood. Before that, Brady’s girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan and son lived on Radcliffe in the Palisades.

Rita Moreno, Sally Field, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda star with Tom Brady in this new comedy.
Photo: Paramount Pictures

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