LA Election Results: Who Won? Who Knows?

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Prior to the mid-term on November 8, a steady stream of voters use the voting box by the library.


As the L.A. Country Registrar continues to count ballots from the November 8 primary, the only certainty is that it could take several days to declare a winner in many contests.

It is really a shame that California, which led in the development of technology in the United States, might be among the last of the states to figure out winners in local races.

As of November 9, The LA Country registrar said that a total of 1,318,093 ballots were processed and counted, with 23.42% of registered voters casting ballots.

“Election results are available to view and download at LAVOTE.GOV.

“After Election Day there are still many outstanding ballots to be processed and counted in the Official Election Canvass.

“During the Official Election Canvass, all Vote by Mail, Conditional, and Provisional ballots received on Election Day are processed and verified. Once verified, they will be counted.

“The first post-Election Day ballot count update is scheduled for Friday, November 11,” according to the registrar.

On Wednesday, the race for mayor between developer Rick Caruso and Representative Karen Bass was a virtual 50-50 deadlock. The two have traded leads, but as of early November 9, Caruso had a slight lead.

Hydee Feldstein Soto was maintaining a comfortable lead today and was poised to prevail over Faisal Gill in the race for Los Angeles city attorney, but there are still votes to be counted . . .

Kenneth Mejia, a 31-year-old accountant, had a healthy lead today over three-term City Councilman Paul Koretz in the race for Los Angeles City Controller. Ever enthusiastic, Mejia declared victory on Tuesday night when the initial, but not total, results were posted.

Termed out was City Controller Ron Galperin. As Los Angeles’ chief accounting officer, he oversaw audits, accounting operations and financial reporting — including submitting reports on the effectiveness of city departments.

Traci Park had a lead over Erin Darling to succeed Mike Bonin in LA Council’s 11th District seat.

State Senator Bob Hertzberg and West Hollywood City Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath were locked in a virtual dead heat to replace L.A. County Board of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl for District 3, which includes Pacific Palisades.

Former Long Beach police Chief Robert Luna held a solid lead today in his bid to unseat Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Luna had jumped out front quickly when early ballot results but as the evening wore on, Villanueva began making some slow gains.

Traci Park Supporters are hopeful their candidate will prevail in the Council District 11 contest.

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2 Responses to LA Election Results: Who Won? Who Knows?

  1. Neven Karlovac says:

    FYI, France with nearly 70 million people manages to count and publish the final results before the morning after the election day.

  2. Rober Evans says:

    How do you suggest California count votes on ballots that haven’t arrived yet?

    Under California law, absentee ballots are valid if they are postmarked by Election Day and received within 7 days AFTER Election Day.

    In your email newsletter you made a bizarre, fact-free comparison to Florida. In Florida, absentee ballots must be received ON Election Day to be counted.

    I guess this is why you’re only roughly “circling” the news? Since you are a former professional journalist, I would expect you to research the relevant facts and apply rational exposition rather than relying so much on your personal biases.

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