Palisades Park Advisory Board Will Meet October 25

The playground at the Palisades Recreation Center is not handicapped accessible, and a playground replacement is needed. The topic will be discussed at the October 25 meeting.

The Pacific Palisades Park Advisory Board will hold its quarterly meeting at 6:30 p.m., in the small gym at the Palisades Recreation Center, 851 Alma Real Drive, Wednesday, October 25. All residents are invited to attend, and people will be allowed to make public comment.

Members of the Board include Andy Starrels, Rick McGeagh, Maryam Zar, Janet Anderson, David Card, Rob Weber, Bob Benton, Mike Skinner, Mike Thomas, Kambiz Kamdar and C.J. Laffer.

Senior Facility Director Jasmine Dowlatshahi will update programs and activities, ongoing safety concern and vandalism at the park, and an update on permitting and weekend activities.

Planned are updates from Council District 11 (Palisades Field Deputy Michael Amster and CD 11 District Director Gabriel Medina) and from Recreation and Park (Superintendent Sonya Young-Jimenez, Planning Superintendent Daryl Ford and RAP Assistant General Manager Cathie Santa Domingo).

There will be a presentation regarding funding for replacing park bathrooms and the playground and an expected timeline.

There will be a discussion of driveway gates to deter after hours speeders or bad actors and funding for doggie bag replacements.

Benton will give a Pacific Palisades Baseball Association Fields update.

Per Palisades PAB bylaws, new board members may be appointed at the next meeting and are done at the discretion of Dowlatshahi.

RAP Officer elections must take place at this meeting, according to the bylaws. Nominations are open and will be taken from the floor. PAB officers have a term limit of two years, unless extended by the Park Director.

The next Regular Meeting of the Palisades Park Advisory Board  is tentatively scheduled for January 2024.

During July’s meeting the following comments were made:

  1. Wolfberg Park Gate by the baseball field behind the grill – please check it at night because it was open early one morning (jammed). 2) When will this parking lot be paved? 3) An ADA study (regarding bathrooms and playground) was done: could RAP share that with the Board? 4) How much money is available in Quimby funds for the park? 5) Where can park patrons find out hours and schedules for use?


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