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Early Morning Earthquake; Musings Questioned

4.2 Earthquake Hits Southland, Wakes Some The LAFD posted the following alert from spokesperson Nicholas Prange: “#EarthquakeMode; INC#0192; 4:45AM; Following the M4.5 #earthquake activity in the greater Los Angeles area (#SanFernando) at 4:29 AM, LAFD is, according to protocol, in … Continue reading

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A Life Shaped by the Great Suburban Experiment

By BOB VICKREY I remember back in the 1970s how much I enjoyed humming along with Paul Simon’s captivating ballad “My Little Town,” until it dawned on me that his song was a rather scathing indictment of America’s small towns, … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Our Schools Need to Reopen

When I lived in New York City in my 20s, a good friend who had just moved back from California referred to the people here as “provincial,” meaning that they were unsophisticated and narrow minded. She was referring to the … Continue reading

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July Fourth Is When America Acts Like America

(Editor’s note: CTN Columnist Bob Vickrey wrote yesterday, “This is a great Fourth of July column and you should run it.” The column by Chris Erskine, who worked at the L.A. Times for 30 years and retired in May, is … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Thoughts about the Steadfast Statue

It took 30 years and a Covid-19 pandemic with stay-at-home orders for me to finish a needlepoint. About two decades ago, I threw it in the trash unfinished but unbeknownst to me, my husband dragged it out. Not only that, … Continue reading

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The Tarot Cards Foretold the Future of Friends

(Editor’s note: Bob Vickrey sent the following message: “Five years ago, my longtime Palisadian friend Paul Morantz sent me a story he had written that was so tantalizing and well-told, I circulated it among many friends. Sadly, it never received … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Now Is The Time to Come Together

Now is the time for us to come together as a nation and work to make sure that every person has the opportunity to grow and thrive. We all need to do what we can, as individuals — at home, … Continue reading

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A Son’s Long Journey to Heal Wartime Memories

By BOB VICKREY– (Editor’s note: Bob Vickrey shared a story with Circling the News that was originally published in 2012 for the Houston Chronicle. “This is a story about my boyhood friend Geren Graham, who traveled 5,700 miles from Houston … Continue reading

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Searching for an Escape from the Housebound Life

By BOB VICKREY I find it comforting that the lockdown order is no longer referred to as “shelter in place,” and is now simply designated as “stay at home.” Staying at home sounds so much more civil and less foreboding … Continue reading

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Who Are All These Masked Strangers That Keep Greeting Me?

 BY BOB VICKREY Special to Circling the News As I walked through the village toward Erewhon Market last week, several appropriately masked townspeople greeted me by name, but I’m quite sure that based on my feeble response, I fooled absolutely … Continue reading

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