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Week Four – Plager’s Final Report from Japan

(Editor’s note: Chaz Plager, who will be a senior at Palisades High School and started writing for Circling the News last year, went to Japan for a month as part of a cultural exchange with a group sponsored by The … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Affordable Housing Exists in Pacific Palisades, Despite Statements to the Contrary

“There you go again,” was a phrase spoken during the second presidential debate of 1980 by Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan to his Democratic opponent, incumbent President Jimmy Carter. Reagan used the line in several debates over the years, always … Continue reading

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Week Three: Plager Reports from Yokohama

  By CHAZ PLAGER. I’m reporting from Yokohama, a seaside town an hour from Tokyo. More specifically, I’m reporting from the Nakazono family residence as students head into the last part of our trip. The last part of the Experiment’s … Continue reading

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Sharing a Life with Mary and Books

(A NOTE FROM BILL BRUNS: Chuck Rapoport and I have been friends since late October 1967, when we worked as a reporter/photographer team to help produce a 12-page story in LIFE magazine about Runaway Kids living on the streets in … Continue reading

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Viewpoint–Lucky One Percent of Americans

(Editor’s note: A reader sent this, which was originally posted July 2022 in the Western Outdoor Times. CTN thought you might enjoy it.) The one percent age group was born between 1930 and 1946, which is a 16-year span. In … Continue reading

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Sunday on New York City’s Upper West Side

(Longtime CTN columnist Bob Vickrey ushers in a fresh new voice to this site by way of introduction to his talented writer friend Ken Williams, who takes us on a cultural stroll along the Upper West Side of Manhattan.) By … Continue reading

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Viewpoint–Adults Need to Step Up Stop After-Hours Park Activities

  A middle-school boy was badly injured in a fireworks explosion that happened at the Palisades Recreation Center on June 16 around 10:15 p.m. People can tell he is hurt terribly, because his cries of anguish can be heard on … Continue reading

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Remembering Bill Kuxhaus, 69, Former Martin Mayor

The world lost a good man on June 5. William “Bill” Kuxhaus was kind, decent and calm. In the midst of arguments, his voice never raised, but generally, he would ask a question or raise a point and it defused … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT – Gaming Can Be a Tool for Change

  BY CHAZ PLAGER Many see gaming as one of two things: a solitary activity, or one to be enjoyed with friends. There has been a constant debate since the invention of games, asking if they could be more than … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Here’s Who’s Funding The Los Angeles Elections and Why You Should Care

(Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the Westside Current on October 31 and is reprinted with permission.) BY: MICHAEL JENSEN Over the last few weeks, my mailbox has been inundated with campaign mailers for our local elections. My routine … Continue reading

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