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Candidate Statements in Official Guides Are Paid Ads

“The only way to run for public office is to have a lot of money,” said Jonathan Reiss, who was a candidate for U.S. Senate in the March primary election. You may not have read about him, because although he … Continue reading

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Food Trucks Continue to Draw Controversy

There is a proverb “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” which can be interpreted to mean that that good actions may have unintended consequences. On September 17, 2018, former Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 946, which is … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: No on Prop.1

  What if there were a proposition on the March ballot: Beautiful Sunsets and Foster Care for Kittens? Who is not for beautiful sunsets in California? Who would be against foster care for kittens? But like many California Proposition ballot … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Hamas Supporters Deface the Los Angeles National Cemetery

Hamas supporters defaced the Los Angeles National Cemetery in West Los Angeles on January 6. The Key News Network reported a large crowd of individuals spray-painted walls outside the cemetery. The National Cemetery opened in May 1889 and contains about … Continue reading

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The Palisadian-Post Has Moved – to Canoga Park!

The Palisadian-Post, which was founded as The Palisadian in 1928 and remained a weekly institution for decades, has moved out of Pacific Palisades to an office suite on Victory Boulevard in Canoga Park. Owner Alan Smolinisky, who lives in the … Continue reading

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Evening of Honor Recognizes Medal of Honor Recipients

An Evening of Honor was held on November 18 to recognize five Medal of Honor recipients at the Ronald Reagan American Legion Post 283. Two men had received medals for their actions during the Vietnam War: Specialist 5 James C. … Continue reading

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Why Is California Still Changing Time?

On Saturday night, November 4, clocks in California and in most of the United States were moved back an hour. One resident wrote, “Didn’t we in California vote not to turn clocks back?” In 2018, California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition … Continue reading

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L.A. Council Fast Tracking Large Digital Billboards

Although Los Angeles City Council passed a 2002 Billboard sign ordinance to ban visual blight, it is now trying to sidestep that ordinance. Given that Los Angeles will be the site of some 2026 World Cup Soccer Games, and also … Continue reading

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Rally to Show Support for Israel Held October 29

By CHAZ PLAGER Despite being far across the world, the Israel-Hamas conflict is an issue whose effects have spread throughout the United States in visible and terrifying ways. Supporters of both sides have been attacked for espousing their views, and … Continue reading

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Property Owners May See an Increase in Homeowner’s Insurance

Wildfires have always been part of life in California, going back to the indigenous tribes who lived here. According to the National Park Service, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians used fire to clear areas for crops and travel, … Continue reading

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