Viewpoint: Hamas Supporters Deface the Los Angeles National Cemetery

Hamas supporters defaced the Los Angeles National Cemetery in West Los Angeles on January 6. The Key News Network reported a large crowd of individuals spray-painted walls outside the cemetery.

The National Cemetery opened in May 1889 and contains about 90,000 war veterans, including those from the Mexican-American War, the Civil Way, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. More recent burials of men and women from Desert Storm/Afghanistan and Iraq Wars have been in the Columbarium near the Cemetery.

Annually Palisades Boy and Girl Scouts and other troops, place flags on the gravesites during Memorial Day, and this past December local troops placed wreaths on graves.

The question that Americans need to ask is who would deface the gravesite of heroes who fought for freedom and liberty.

Cowards is the term that comes to mind. Not only did these cowards chose a quiet, mediative, resting place where they would face no opposition, they targeted Americans who had defended justice.

Many wore masks and hoodies so they couldn’t be recognized: if one is proud of what one is doing, one should be willing to show their face (or like the story of John Hancock, who is supposed to have said in signing the Declaration of Independence, “There John Bull can read my name without spectacles, he may double his reward, and I put his at defiance.)  Not these craven recreants.

Brad Sherman in a social media post wrote that this is “More proof that the people who hate Israel, also hate America. Here at the Los Angeles National Cemetery in my district, they deface a cemetery for those who gave their lives to end slavery and protect the world from fascism.”

“VA national cemeteries are where our nation’s heroes are laid to rest, and any act of vandalism is unacceptable,” Terrence Hayes, a spokesman for the Department of Veterans Affairs, told Fox News. “We are taking immediate steps to restore the wall at the Los Angeles National Cemetery to its original state.”

The cemetery on its Facebook page wrote: “The Los Angeles National Cemetery is where our nation’s heroes are laid to rest, and any act of vandalism is unacceptable.”

Los Angeles District Attorney candidate Jonathan Hatami also criticized the vandalism, calling it “shameful, sick and clearly criminal.” He emphasized the need for full prosecution and accountability for those responsible.

Whatever political cause one supports, defiling the resting place of National heroes is a transgression and those people should be punished.

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3 Responses to Viewpoint: Hamas Supporters Deface the Los Angeles National Cemetery

  1. Diane Bleak says:

    Thank you for reporting this. How very sad and terrible.
    No one respects Joe Biden, Absolutely no one 🙁

  2. Jim McCashin II says:

    Thanks for your “Viewpoint.” Too seldom is such a voice spoken. As for the cowardly defacing, it seems consistent with the manner of the similarly cowardly Oct. 7 attack on innocent Israel families. Just show how different Western and some Middle Eastern values can be. What a world we have.

  3. Juliana Hanner says:

    I am not commenting on the politics of this war on either side. But I am disgusted by this act. My father, a Korean War veteran is buried there. He died last year at 92! He fought for his country. He was a proud patriot and a decent man through and through. How dare they! You can be certain not one of those protesters are anything more than cowards who think they make a difference. Well the difference they make by attacking the VA Cemetery, which is sacred ground, is to make themselves detested for their acts. Was that their goal? I think not!

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