Veterans Gardens Must Make Changes Before Gaining Approval by Recreation and Park Commissioners

The fence needs to be removed, as does the black electrical box, which has been called a tripping hazard, before Veterans Gardens is given final approval.

The Veterans Gardens/Bocce Courts at the Palisades Recreation Center have not yet received final approval from the L.A. City Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners, which it must have before it opens.

Several residents complained to Circling the News that the City was slow in finalizing the agreement, but CTN has learned it is not the City, but rather specific requirements that still must be met before approval is given.

City Rec and Parks staff have reported that there are certain elements at Veterans Gardens that were not done in accordance with the original agreement between the City and YourPark Corporation.

One, there’s an unapproved fence that divides Veterans Gardens from the adjacent grass lawn (next to Alma Real). The fence must come down because the picnic areas next to the bocce courts are not part of a private space, rather it is part of the larger park.

Second, there’s a black electrical box in the middle of the lawn that is deemed a “tripping hazard,” and must be moved.

Third, the signage for the Veterans Gardens is not the signage approved. The City is specific about what signage is allowed in its parks. The long biography of servicemen is not allowed, although a QR code could be placed on the sign that will take one to a private website, where that person’s story could be accessed.

According to the agreement between YourPark and the City, the name of the honoree and the name of the donor was approved—nothing more.

Fourth, bocce league fees cannot be charged and accepted by YourPark, until it has final approval.

A vote regarding final approval to accept the park is not listed on the June 3 Recreation and Park Commission agenda.

However, if everything is done per the agreement, Veterans Gardens could come before that board for final approval on June 17.

At the Board of Rec and Park Commissioners meeting on June 3, it was noted that regarding the park that “Concerns need to be mitigated before it comes back to the board.”

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