Trees Topple Across the Palisades; Town Receives 10 Inches of Rain in December 

A large tree fell over in a yard on McKendree Avenue during the December 30 rainfall.

In addition to the tree that slid down from the Huntington Palisades and took out a utility pole that closed PCH for more than 12 hours on December 30, several other trees crashed last week.

One reader wrote, “I heard a thump and saw this. My next-door neighbor just lost her tree.” The reader did research and learned that it was a bushy yate (eucalyptus family) that fell perfectly and caused no damage. “Very lucky.”

Several readers reported on the tree that went down on B Sunset at Bienveneda that initially closed Sunset. A reader took a photo at 2:30 p.m. on December 29 and wrote, “A tree fell across Sunset and the power lines and snapped the power pole.”

Another reader wrote late that night, “Power is still out near Marquez area due to [power] line break at Bienveneda. The City closed Sunset in both directions for more than an hour while the tree was cleared. Two DWP service trucks responded and waited while the tree work was done. Then they left. At 11 p.m., the site is now completely deserted, no repair work was being done and the neighborhood is dark from Bienveneda all the way to Lake Shrine.”

The next morning the neighbor reported that DWP had returned and was working to restore power.

This tree on Sunset knocked over a power line, which resulted in no electricity overnight in the Marquez area south of Sunset.


December was, thankfully, one of the wettest months in years in Pacific Palisades.

The first major rainstorm of the year (measured July 1 to June 30) occurred on December 13-14, depositing 4.5 inches of rain in a backyard gauge on Radcliffe Avenue.

On December 19, a gentle persistent rain that went through rush hour left about .10 inch of rain.

According to the Radcliffe gauge, the storm that started December 23 and went into Christmas Eve produced about 2.7 inches of rain.

On Christmas Day, .60 inches of rain fell, followed by .40 inches from December 26 to 27.

Then came the major storm that started on December 29 and went into December 30, dropping a welcomed 5.4 inches of rain.

The rain gauge on Radcliffe totaled 10.1 inches for the month of December.

According to rain measured at Santa Monica Airport, 8.54 inches of rain fell in December. The normal there for December is 2.34 inches, and the normal for the year is 13.45 inches.

The season total in Santa Monica stands at 9.30 inches.

2013-2014 the season total was 4.76 inches.

2014-2015 the total was 9.05 inches.

2015-2016 the total was 9.07 inches.

2016-2017 the total was 17.99 inches.

2017-2018 the total was 6.04 inches.

2018-2019 the total was 19.68 inches.

2019-2020 the total was 13.82 inches.

2020-2021 the total was 4.26 inches.

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  1. Thank you, Sue, for the (so refreshing!) PP rain gauge report. I was looking everywhere for that (short of the P. Post, which I wouldn’t take for free, never mind for $99/yr) but, of course, you remembered. The rain may well be the best thing that happened in 2021!

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