Tree Trimming Set for Town’s Business District

Trees along Pacific Palisades major thoroughfares, such as Sunset, will be trimmed this week.

The Pacific Palisades Business Improvement District (BID) is paying to have trees along major streets trimmed starting tomorrow, July 6, and continuing through Friday, July 9, in the business district of Pacific Palisades.

Board Certified Master Arborist and Certified Tree Care Safety Professional Luis Casas was asked about the possibility of nesting birds.

Casas, whose company Legacy Tree Care, was hired by BID, responded in a July 3 email: “As Certified Arborists with the International Society of Arborists, we follow the best management practices with regards to nesting birds.

“Our crews have been trained to observe the canopy for active nest in the tree prior to work beginning and again once in a tree,” Casas said. “If a nest is observed, it is checked for activity.

“If an active nest if found in the tree, that tree is not pruned until all bird nesting activity has been completed,” the arborist said, noting that the bird nesting season lasts from February to September in our region.

“The vast majority of nesting occurs in the late winter and spring for most species,” Casas said. “Birds like quiet and well secluded areas to make nest. It is rare to find an active nest in the summer on busy streets.

“You can rest assure that are team will take great care to ensure the birds and other wildlife are safe during the course of the work,” Casas said.

Legacy has obtained the permits and the green light to proceed with the pruning from the City of Los Angeles Urban Forestry Department.

On July 6, the arborists will be on the south side of Sunset Boulevard from Carey to La Cruz and along Gelson’s by Via de la Paz.

Starting July 7, the tree trimmers will work on Monument, and the north and south side of La Cruz Drive from Swarthmore to Sunset Boulevard.

On Thursday, July 8, trees on the north side of Sunset from Carey to Via de la Paz and trees on the north and south side of Antioch will undergo trimming.

Finally on Friday, the trees on Via de la Paz will be addressed.

No parking signs will be posted on metered spots, but as soon as work is completed the streets will reopen to parking.


(Note: Caruso’s Palisades Village is part of the BID but takes no services from the organization and handles its own tree trimming. The Village Green, a nonprofit, is not part of the BID and must raise money to do its own trimming.)

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