Support the Ballona Wetlands: Write a Letter

Fires in the Ballona Wetlands may be attributed to people who are illegally camping.

If a resident would like to help save the environmentally-sensitive Ballona Wetlands from garbage and needles, your signature is sought. Residents can help save the El Segundo Blue Butterfly and the Belding’s Savannah Sparrow, which are endangered species living in the Ballona.

Lucy Han, an activist and “Friend of the Jungle,” has worked tirelessly the past two years to have the illegally-parked RVs relocated to areas that are better equipped to handle campers.

“The RV dwellers are destroying these habitats,” Han said. “They are defecating, urinating, dumping septic tanks, disposing of hypodermic needles in these environmentally sensitive habitats. Stolen vehicles, bike chop shops and a meth lab exist here. The dwellers have assaulted residents. Others have been shot at. A murdered body was found in the Wetlands.

“The dwellers were responsible for a five-acre fire last year. There have been several more in the past month,” Han said. “Santa Anas could blow a wildfire onto the adjoining Gas Company and ignite their gas tanks causing a major explosion. Thousands of residents would be affected and possibly killed.”

Councilman Mike Bonin chairs the L.A. city transportation committee that includes Paul Koretz and Joe Buscaino.

On August 3, Han spoke to the LADOT Board of Commissions, which is appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council:

“We are pleading with you to tow the vehicles from the Ballona Wetlands and marsh,” Han said. “Councilman Bonin REFUSES to support parking enforcement here.”

LAPD has confirmed there is space for towed vehicles. “In the past four days, you received more than 3,000 letters asking DOT to work with the Sheriff and other City agencies to remove the vehicles,” Han said. “We recently dropped off to you, 500 letters with wet signatures from constituents, requesting the vehicle be removed.”

Now Han is asking anyone who considers themselves an environmentalist to sign the most recent petition click here , which was started on July 29, and already has more than 3,252 letters sent.

It appears that some of the communication between constituents and officials may be having an effect, because the Transportation Commission met this morning, August 3, to form an Ad Hoc Committee for RV Parking on Public Streets.

CTN contacted DOT by email on August 3 and asked, “Why has DOT not enforced the ‘No Parking’ signs and towed the RVs at Ballona in order to help save this environmentally sensitive area for the animals?”

A spokesperson replied, “In accordance with the directions provided by City Council, LADOT is working in collaboration with homeless service agencies and other city officials and departments, to coordinate the appropriate outreach and enforcement actions.”

Garbage from illegal dwellers is finding its way into the enviromentally-sensitive Ballona Wetlands.

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3 Responses to Support the Ballona Wetlands: Write a Letter

  1. gilbert dembo says:

    Keep the wetlands clean and healthy

  2. Lori Erlendsson says:

    Allowing this situation to continue is beyond irresponsible and, for the reasons stated, dangerous! Those living at and endangering the habitat, its flora and fauna, as well as creating a huge danger to the surrounding area, must be evacuated, and those who have caused damage and participated in illegal activity must be prosecuted! NOW!

  3. Please please help keep our treasure Ballona Wetlands clean, safe and environmentally pristine beginning TODAY ….. and for OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS‼️‼️

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