Resilient Palisades Community Meeting March 4

Resilient Palisades brought in the Refillery Van in an effort to stem the large amount of plastic waste.

Resilient Palisades, a nonprofit group dedicated to environmental action, will hold a community meeting from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 4, on Zoom. All residents are invited to register by going to

This will be a chance to chat with neighbors, meet team members and learn about current and future campaigns – as well as share ideas.

For example, the group has sponsored the Refillery Truck that comes the last Thursday of the month to Temescal Canyon Road. Residents bring an empty container (or purchase one there) and have it refilled with a personal item (such as lotion or soap) or a household item (dishwashing and laundry soap, household cleaner).

Resident Barry Stein told CTN that a few years back he wrote to Rubbermaid and Pyrex, suggesting that reusable containers should have “Tare Weight” printed on them (weight of the empty container).

“I thought a customer could go into the deli section of any grocery store with their own container and get bulk items instead of the containers that stores offer that you generally throw away after using,” he said. “I’m pretty sure you cannot bring the store container back to store.”

Stein said the goal would be to help curtail waste and additional trash. However, “They never answered me and if I remember correctly you sign a disclaimer for any ideas.”

Several weeks ago, Resilient Palisades hosted a community meeting to educate people about how to switch to zero-emission landscaping machines. Gas-powered landscaping equipment (leaf blowers and mowers) release more smog into the air than cars on the road. These machines also produce compounds that linger at ground-level, including benzene, butadiene and formaldehyde – all of which have been found on the interior surfaces of homes that have gas-powered-maintained gardens.


What is it? Why should Palisades residents give it a try? Resilient Palisades will hold a composting workshop with LA Compost on Tuesday, March 16 at noon. Go to to register.


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