Red Sox Pintos Win PPBA World Series, 10-4

The Red Sox won the Pinto PPBA World Series.
Photo: Victory Ludwig

Knockout the Cardinals in Season Final

The Red Sox Pintos, coached by David Ludwig, captured the Pinto League World Series title on June 4 by defeating the Cardinals, coached by Barry HoAire, 10-4.

Going into the Pacific Palisades Baseball Association playoffs, the Red Sox led the American League division and the Pinto league overall with 17 wins and three losses. Starting on May 18, the team won four straight games against teams from both leagues.

The Red Sox beat the Phillies 18-5, then the Cardinals 7-4 and the Orioles 7-5 to reach the championship game at the Field of Dreams.

After defeating the Cardinals, a second time for the title, Coach Ludwig said, “It was such a fun season. It was exciting, and we had such great families.”

Ludwig, who is the head of Calvary Elementary School, admitted that before the World Series started, “I was nervous, my players were not. “They love to play baseball and they grew a ton as players.”

Ludwig has been coaching different sports for 15 years. “I love sports, I love the kids, it’s a perfect, wonderful time,” he said.

The Cardinals, who were third in the overall team standings and led the National League, won their first game in the tournament, beating the Cubs 8-7. They then lost to the Red Sox, 7-4, but since this a double elimination tournament, the Birds moved to the lower bracket and were able to fight their way back, defeating the Dodgers 6-2, the Cubs 5-4 and the Orioles 8-5.


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