Have Kids or Grandkids? Now Is the

Everyone plays with AYSO and good sportsmanship is emphasized.
Photo: Courtesy AYSO

Time to Sign Up for AYSO Fall Soccer

If you have kids 19 and under (birthdates between 2001 and 2015), now is the time to register them for the AYSO fall soccer program.

AYSO, which is recognized as one of the premier youth organizations for soccer, instills a love of the game, while allowing everyone to play.

Some parents sign their kids up for club soccer thinking that is the route to make a better soccer player. The reality is, unless one of your kids is especially talented, they won’t play – and hence won’t get better. AYSO ensures that everyone plays no matter the talent or aptitude for a sport.

It’s an easy and relaxed way for your child to be part of a team, without making it a job. Landon Donovan, who is considered one of the greatest U.S. men’s soccer players, started out in AYSO.

AYSO philosophies include Open Registration, Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development.

Region 69, which has been serving Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and Topanga since 1975, was once again recognized as a Platinum Region this year. Those regions actively work to support AYSO philosophies and policies, strive for constant improvement and demonstrate a commitment to train volunteers.

There is also a VIP (Very Important Players) program for children and adults whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to participate in mainstream teams. The program is held Saturday mornings in the fall.

Early Bird registration, which ends June 15, is $340. On June 16 the price goes to $390 and on August 1 to $440. If one registers early there is guaranteed team placement and one free day at any of the Region 69 summer soccer camps

Visit: ayso69.org or email info@ayso69.9org.

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