Bob and Blake’s Excellent Real Estate Adventure

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The Bob Vickrey /Blake Griffin mansion in the Riviera Palisades is most likely for sale.

Our Bob Vickrey May Become a Riviera Squire


My phone hasn’t stopped ringing in recent days. It seems the mansion I own in the Palisades Riviera with former LA Clipper star Blake Griffin has been taken off the market once again, and realtors are calling non-stop trying to secure the listing.

Just as a small disclaimer, I must tell you that Blake may be completely unaware that I’m his partner in the ownership of this glamorous home off Amalfi Drive, which is located in an exclusive section of Pacific Palisades. In fact, I’m quite sure of it—since we have never met.

But somehow, my phone numbers, both landline and cell, are the main contact numbers that appear on the real estate listing of his house. As my annoyance at these calls grows more profoundly with each passing day, I’m quickly becoming more interested in what my stake is in this $11,000,000 property.

Perhaps Blake knows that I own only a small bungalow near the Palisades Village and he feels it’s time for a major upgrade to my lifestyle. I’ve heard that he’s really a nice guy, and perhaps because we grew up in adjacent states—he in Oklahoma, and I in Texas, he’s just simply looking out for another fellow Southwesterner.

Since my new pal Blake was traded from the Clippers to the Detroit Pistons last year, he obviously is no longer in need of a home this size. I read recently where he purchased a more modest home (3,000 square-feet modest) in Manhattan Beach, which will likely offer him a place to stay when he wants to escape the Detroit winters—or Detroit, in general.

I’m proud to say that our home was recently featured in Architectural Digest. But I must tell you that I’m quite annoyed that not one of my friends noticed the impressive layout we received in this respected publication, and are, thus far, unwilling to acknowledge my newfound lucky fortune.

I had decided yesterday that when I finally connect with my business partner Blake, I will offer to split the profits with him, but I just found out today that it’s not just my phone numbers that are listed—Blake’s house is also under my name as well. The agent said, “Are you Robert Vickrey?” After I confirmed that I was indeed, she said, “Looks like you own some mighty prime property there in the Palisades. Congratulations Robert!”

So, now armed with this new information, I may stop referring to the property as OUR house and begin attempting in earnest to sell MY chateau in the Riviera.

If you’re interested in my Colonial-style, 9,572 square-foot home featuring six bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms spread out over three floors, give me a call. I’ve dropped the price from the original listing of $12 million to $10, 995,000. That’s just the kind of guy I am. I’m quite sure you’ve got my number—because everyone else in Los Angeles sure seems to have it.

Would you please excuse me for a minute? I need to take this call. “Hi there, this is Robert. Are you calling about my property on Pavia Place in the Palisades that was once owned by LA Clipper star Blake Griffin?”

“You’ll be pleased to know the spacious home offers a number of fine amenities such as a subterranean level that is perfectly suited for entertaining, including a game room and separate home theater…”

Bob Vickrey is a longtime Palisadian whose columns appear in several Southwestern newspapers including the Houston Chronicle. He is a member of the Board of Contributors for the Waco Tribune-Herald. His long-running “Lunch Club” series was published by the Palisades News. You can find more columns on his website:

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2 Responses to Bob and Blake’s Excellent Real Estate Adventure

  1. Phyllis Trager (formerly Phyllis Douglas) says:

    PRICELESS! PRICELESS! No pun intended! Love Vickrey’s humor and Blake Griffin is my favorite sports star! (Ask my grandson!)

  2. Barry Herzog says:

    Yeah, but what’s the garden look like?

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