Palisades Democratic Club Letter to L.A. Times Editorial Board, Regarding Endorsement


(Editor’s note: the following letter was submitted to the L.A. Times editorial board and is reprinted with permission in CTN. For a quick summary of the controller candidates, visit: ‎ )

Dear L.A. Times editorial board:

Kenneth Mejia

The Pacific Palisades Democratic Club board of directors strongly objects to your endorsement of Kenneth Mejia for L.A. City Controller.

Mr. Mejia’s defamatory smears against elected public officials, including a sitting president, indicate that he thrives on inflammatory rhetoric as a political tool in this charged atmosphere of partisan politics. Your endorsement acknowledges that the Controller must work “cooperatively with city leaders to carry out the office’s agenda.” We argue that a candidate who resorts to baseless and incendiary claims pronounced on Twitter is unlikely to work cooperatively with a wide range of stakeholders with differing viewpoints.

While Mr. Mejia has deleted his tweets, he deflects scrutiny by charging that objections to his deplorable tactics are a result of his campaign’s “winning” in the field. The LAT endorsement only adds fuel to that claim.

Our club has not made an endorsement in this race, but we do have a clear conviction that candidates who rely upon smears and slander should not serve in any public office — particularly not in the Controller position, which demands transparency and honesty in service of government.

We ask that you withdraw your endorsement of Kenneth Mejia as L.A. City Controller.



Steve Cron

President, Pacific Palisades Democratic Club

on behalf of the board


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3 Responses to Palisades Democratic Club Letter to L.A. Times Editorial Board, Regarding Endorsement

  1. Susan Lynch says:

    Very well said. Thank you Steve!

  2. Krishna Thangavelu says:

    The Los Angeles Times editorial board is completely of touch with reality. Bravo to Steve Cron for speaking up. My advice to all voters is to NOT VOTE for anyone the Times endorses. Their judgement is exactly, predictably 100 percent wrong. Do your own research. It’s a miracle that the LA Times even get weather reports right… oh wait, I can get the weather report right in my phone. The LA Times is IRRELEVANT other than to serve some minority progressive political agenda. Propaganda and bias posing as a community paper.

    Patrick Soon Shiong should be ashamed of this purchase. I understand the LA Times was up for sale earlier this year. Maybe Circling The News and Westside Current can pick it up for pennies on the dollar. As it stands, the Times should be greatly discounted, in every way. .

  3. The progressives like to put up very young candidates with zero judgment. They don’t even have enough life experience, let alone municipal experience, to even know what good judgment looks like. He took those tweets down out of self-preservation, not good judgment. Good judgment would have prevented those tweets from going up in the first place.

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