Local Public Schools Start Tomorrow, August 20

Paul Revere Middle School starts on Tuesday.

Private Schools Have Different Start Times

The three public elementary schools in Pacific Palisades and Paul Revere Middle School will begin classes on August 20. Palisades High School, an independent charter, which does not have to adhere to the LAUSD schedule, started classes on August 14. The private schools start the following week.


Schools slated to start on Tuesday, August 20 are:

 Canyon Charter School

Nicole Sheard is principal.

421 Entrada Dr.

Santa Monica Canyon

(310) 454-7510


Marquez Charter School

Benjamin Merritt is principal.

16821 Marquez Ave.

(310) 454-4019


Palisades Elementary Charter School

Joan Ingle is interim principal.

800 Via de la Paz

(310) 454-3700

Last year, Pali Elementary students and parents patiently waited for the doors to open.


Revere Charter Middle School

Thomas Iannucci is principal.

1450 Allenford Ave.

Los Angeles 90049

(310) 917-4800


Monday, August 26 is first day of school for:

Corpus Christi School

Corpus Christi School

Suzanne Stewart Duffy is principal.

890 Toyopa Dr.

(310) 454-9411



Tuesday, August 27 is first day of school for:

Village School

Nora Malone is head of school.

780 Swarthmore Ave.

(310) 459-8411


Tuesday, September 3 is first day of school for:

Calvary Christian School

Vincent Downey is head of school.

701 Palisades Dr.

(310) 573-0082


Wednesday, September 4 is first day of school for:

 St. Matthew’s Parish School

Edward Kim is head of school.

1031 Bienveneda Ave.

(310) 454-1350


The Westside Waldorf School (McComb Campus)

17310 W. Sunset Blvd.

(310) 454-7064


Thursday, September 5 is first day of school for:

 Seven Arrows Elementary School

Margarita Pagliai is head of school.

15240 La Cruz Dr.

(310) 230-0257




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