Local Men Return to Israel to Fight

Israeli airlines added flights on foreign routes to bring people back, while the military dispatched transport planes to some European cities to collect soldiers.
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On October 10, the Israel Defense Forces said it called up more than 360,000 of its reserves in the wake of Hamas’ surprise attack.

One of those returning to Israel was Daniel Kalmanovich, who has a dual citizenship. He had just returned three months ago to the United States after serving three years in the army.

Residents may remember his mom, Julie Kalmanovich, now Hersch, who was a fourth-grade teacher at Palisades Village School. She was featured on October 10, on ABC Channel 7.

When she learned her son was going back, she said, “I’m devastated. I’m so proud of him, but terrified at the same time. He felt like it was his mission, his calling, his duty to help protect.”

Kalmanovich, 25, who was studying at Pierce College, flew back to Israel on Sunday.

Military service is compulsory for the majority of Israelis when they turn 18. Men must serve 32 months and women 24. After this, most of them can be called up to reserve units until the age of 40.

Many reservists who were interviewed in a CNN story(“I Don’t Really Have Any Other Choice”), said they could not sit watching the news, knowing of friends and relatives who had died or were missing.

The number of the beautiful, young people on this transport plane is heartbreaking. All are willing to fight to prevent the destruction of a community because of the evil that exists.

Interestingly in Pearl Buck’s story “The Christmas Child,” (“Once Upon a Christmas,” 1972) she wrote about a mother giving birth. The doctor admonishes her not to cry.

“I’ll cry if I want to, and I can’t keep from thinking that—that he won’t stay a baby,” she sobbed. “He’ll grow up and be a man and he’ll go off too, to some Vietnam or other and be blown to pieces and all this will be of no use. My life will be wasted—all the trouble—

“The love won’t be wasted,” the doctor said. “Love can’t be wasted. It always counts, throughout life—yours and your husbands and the baby’s.”


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  1. Sylvia Boyd says:

    You made me start crying again. I keep saying I will not turn on the news…but I’m looking and praying for some good news.
    First Ukraine…then Armenia and now, worst of all, Israel. How much suffering and loss can these residents endure?

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