Letters: Potrero Opening on December 10

There is supposed to be a gate at the mouth of Potrero Canyon to prohibit entrance to the George Wolfberg Park after hours.

(Editor’s note: Unlike a small-town newspaper, that publishes once a week and goes to a limited number of homes, Circling the News is on the internet and has wide readership. This editor made a decision when the website` was first rolled out to protect and inform local residents. Names of residents, who may be called out by the numerous trolls that also live in cyberspace, are not printed. Regarding the controversial Potrero Canyon opening on December 10, among others, CTN received two interesting comments that we share with readers.)

One wrote: Portrero will become the biggest crime generating, homeless disaster the Palisades has ever seen. I said the same 20 years ago.

Who do you think will actually go through this park in the late hours to make sure all is well?  NO ONE! Is the correct answer. They don’t have the funding, manpower or interest.

You’ll be writing about this for years to come.

There is supposed to be a gate at the base of the park.

A second reader wrote: What Bonin’s aide Noah Fleishman stated in the Potrero zoom meeting update last week (December 1) was false.

1)  There definitely are no gates at the PCH side of the canyon.

2)  There is the same standing water in the canyon from rains two weeks ago (between storm drains) in the areas of Frontera to Chapala, and further west. Mosquitoes have returned to the adjacent residential homes.

3)  The run-offs and drainage troughs are already blocked with soil.

4)  Park hours have not been changed as promised (from dawn to dusk). And apparently there is no set date on the LA City Council’s agenda to even discuss passing a motion to do so.

5)  Signage and naming of the park are not complete. This was made clear in the Recreation and Park Board of Commissioners retreat last week (December 1).

The Park is not ready for “opening.”

Doing so is a careless act that places the area residents and park visitors at risk. And our resident taxpayers are at risk of huge potential payouts if the City’s actions are found to be careless.

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5 Responses to Letters: Potrero Opening on December 10

  1. Hill Joan says:

    Bonin should not be allowed to ‘open’ the park after all the empty and deliberate choices to not represent PAC Pal interests. Delay opening till promised signage, gates, safety measures are in place.

  2. Julie Hanner says:

    Gratitude that we will be well rid of Bonin this month and hopefully the new council member can redirect and correct so many of his terrible choices. He seemed to actively do what was the most detrimental to the Palisades and other areas I’m his district, as if it were with intent. His office was also ineffective and failed to respond to residents all too often, he certainly will not be missed.

  3. Eileen says:

    The park should not have an opening ceremony on Dec 10 since it is completely unready for opening, evidenced above.

  4. Sandy says:

    What good is a gate if one can easily walk around it?

  5. 'joy' says:

    Opening on the 10th? WHAT are you opening? Certainly not a Park. Potrero will be an ‘attractive nuisance’ and will likely be lawsuit friendly! The rains we’re having will destabilize the area and if someone opens the non-existent gate there is the real danger of injuries from slipping, falling, etc. When the rains are over, the residents above are in danger. I do not live in the area of Pacific Palisades but even the most casual view shows a very scary immediate future there. Thank you for keeping us apprised of this serious issue.

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