Legislators Voting on Last-Ditch Effort July 4 Eve: Call and Say “NO”

The days before the 4th of July should be filled with last-minute details about what to serve at your BBQ, how many guests are coming, and how far in advance you can put out chairs along parade routes.

California State legislators know more people will be trying to buy ice to serve with tequila drinks, then following the latest legislative attempts to stop the reform of Prop. 47.

California Governor Gavin Newsom

On July 3, at 7:30 p.m., legislators will vote whether to put a watered-down version of Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act on this November’s ballot. This initiative, Senate Bill 1381, is backed by Governor Gavin Newsom.

As a reminder, Prop. 47 passed in 2014, under the title the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act Prop. 47 made petty theft (stolen items of $950 or less) a misdemeanor no matter how many times the theft was repeated. It led to this explosion of retail theft because for the criminals, there were no real consequences.

It also took away the court’s ability to tell a drug addict to either get treatment or go to jail because possession of a controlled substance became a misdemeanor. The streets of L.A. soon became filled with addicts, but no legal recourse for police. It also led to more crime as addicts stole to buy drugs.

Through a bi-partisan effort, more than a million people signed a petition to qualify the Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act for the November election – essentially it would repeal the failed, but well-meaning Prop. 47.

Why would Newsom object to a proposition that would hold repeated shoplifters and those doing “smash and grabs” liable for a possibly felony and jail time? Why would Newsom object to making drug use a crime, and giving addicts a choice of treatment or jail time? Why would Newsom object to those selling Fentanyl, which results in the deaths of young people, face homicide charges?

This appears to be an attempt to show the nation, not necessarily California, that Newsom is tough on crime, even though his measure was put together at the last minute in response to the citizen’s initiative.

In Newsom’s initiative, SB 1381, it also states that if there are two bills on the ballot of the same subject, and even if both would pass, it would be in conflict.  So, one would be declared null and void.

Ben Allen

All residents are urged to reach out to Jacqui Irwin and Ben Allen and tell them to vote “No” on Senate Bill 1381.

This editor reached out to Allen’s office on June 30 and asked if he was going to support the citizen’s initiative.

His press representative responded that “Senator Allen is taking a look at the differences between that and the Governor’s proposal.” Today, this editor followed up in a July 2, email writing “It appears that the governor’s proposal is watered down particularly in regard to Fentanyl–Which will Allen support?”

If CTN receives a response, we’ll update this story.

Before going out to shop for last minute Fourth of July items, call Jacqui Irwin’s office (805) 370-0542 and Senator Ben Allen’s office (310) 318-6994 or (310) 318-6994 and tell them to vote against SB 1381.

If a resident thinks that Prop. 47 has been effective or a good idea, you can always vote against the citizen’s Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Act in November. It has already qualified for the ballot.

(Editor’s note: the bill was pulled last night, July 2, around 10 p.m. by Governor Gavin Newsom, who is headed to Washington, D.C. Look for future stories about the Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act  that will be on the November’s ballot.)

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  1. Krishna Thangavelu says:

    UPDATED at 10 PM: Newsom backed off. No calls necessary!! Details here:


  2. Cathy atkinson says:

    No on 1381.. calif is a disaster

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