Equinox Gutting and Replacing Interior of Existing Structure

Equinox is redoing the interior of its club, which is set to open before the end of the year. Most of the exercise rooms will have views of the Pacific Ocean.

Equinox, which has 107 clubs worldwide, will now add another when the Pacific Palisades Equinox opens near the end of 2024.

Membership Advisor Jordan Eisleben spoke to this editor at the site of the club at 17383 Sunset Boulevard, located near the intersection of Sunset and Pacific Coast Highway on June 26. This was the former site of the Bay Club, which closed in May 2022.

“We’re gutting the entire facility,” Eisleben said. “We want to make sure the facility is ‘brand spanking new’ for the grand opening.”

That opening will likely be late fall, but the club will make a full announcement about the date, once construction is completed. It took time to get the final permits from the City, which delayed the start of construction.

Residents can stop by the show room from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and receive a virtual tour of the facility. The interior once completed, will be in the style of “Bohemian Coastal Living” with natural stone throughout.

The locker rooms will include shampoos, conditioners and skin care from Equinox’s private label, Grown Alchemist. There will be blow dryers, razors, so that someone can work out, shower and go directly to work. Off each locker room is a steam room.

The prior club had a café, and Eislenben said that there will be an “Urth caffe” bar, that will feature lite bites.

There are a lot of parents in Pacific Palisades who sometimes find it hard to work out, but luckily there will be a kids club at this location. The club will take children from three months to 7 years old. Parents can book two-hour time slots through an app. By booking directly, it will allow Equinox to have exactly the right amount of supervision for the number of kids.

If patrons want a trainer, they will have a choice of the type, depending on requirements, whether it be movement, nutrition or recovery.

Equinox will have the standard group fitness classes, such as yoga, triple bar, Pilates, interval or high intensity training, spinning and boxing. The gym will also have cable stack and plate loading weight machines. Many of the rooms and exercise areas have views of the Pacific Ocean.

The club will feature cold plunges and a sauna, for contrast therapy. “That can combine the inflammation-reducing power of cold plunges and the circulation benefits of our saunas with contrast therapy, helping you reach optimal regeneration,” Eislenben explained.

The gym is currently signing up members. “The earlier you sign, the better your rate,” Eislenben said.

When this editor visited the gym, the rate was $285 a month. That meant paying for one month and signing a contract for a year. The money you paid today would be used for the first month the gym is open and then you would pay that rate for the remaining 11 months. The traditional initiation fee would be waived.

All members will receive two guest passes annually.

And, “if you are a member and refer someone and they sign up, you will get a free month,” Eislenben said, adding that people will receive a two- and a half-hour parking validation on levels, 4, 5 and 6.

To find out more, email Eislenben Jordan.Eisleben@equinox.com or by phone at (714-722-7142).

The gym will have all the standard classes, such as yoga and Pilates.

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