Lawsuit Filed Against Neighbors of RV Parked Outside Venice Elementary School Dismissed

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(Editor’s note: This story, written by Westside Current Editor Jamie Paige, was published in partnership with Circling the News.) 

This RV is parked next to the Westminster Elementary School. LAUSD has put up special fences to protect elementary kids from viewing possible illegal activity in the street.


A lawsuit filed against residents who live near an RV that has been parked outside an elementary school on Main Street in Venice for more than a year was dismissed with prejudice–meaning the plaintiff cannot refile the same claim again.

“The court reached the right results in this case,” stated Daffodil Tyminski, attorney for a defendant in the case.

The RV resident, C.Finley filed the lawsuit against residents who live next to the Westminster Dog Park and near the Westminster Elementary School, for what she alleged was extortion, thuggery and emotional distress among other things.

The lawsuit named one resident and a business –then listed up to 20 unknown named defendants, which the lawsuit said they would fill in when their “true identities” are learned.

The lawsuit alleged that the neighbors used force and or violence against the plaintiff and repeatedly harassed her. However, no specific actions were listed in the lawsuit, which the judge stated was a reason for dismissing the case.

When the Current first interviewed Venice residents who live near Finley’s RV, parked by LAUSD’s Westminster Elementary School, they denied the RV resident’s allegations and said she and her partner caused a lot of nuisances and sanitation issues. Multiple residents say they had documented numerous cases of loud music throughout the night– violent threats against them and their families as well as suspicious activity.

In Late July, Finley also filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Los Angeles. That suit alleges that parking restrictions being imposed by LA violate the civil rights of people who live in recreational vehicles because they have no other place to live.

Stephen Yagman is the attorney for the plaintiffs in both cases. Yagman was disbarred in 2010 after being convicted of tax and bankruptcy fraud and money laundering, according to the LA Times. He was reinstated in May.

The plaintiffs have 21 days to appeal the dismissal.

(Editor’s note: Circling the News had asked CD 11 Candidate Allison Polhill about the camper by Westminster Elementary School in early November when she was working for LAUSD under Nick Melvoin as Chief Advisor and District Director. Fencing was put up so that students would not be able to view any possible illegal activities. The van has remained on the street by the school. Polhill was asked about the cost of the fencing. She responded on December 16, that “LAUSD has spent a substantial amount of money to put up privacy fencing at the Early Education Center and that lines Main Street – probably combined cost is close to $100,000.”)

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1 Response to Lawsuit Filed Against Neighbors of RV Parked Outside Venice Elementary School Dismissed

  1. cindy simon says:

    that the LAUSD felt they needed to spend over $100,000 on fencing & fence covering to shelter young children from this illegally parked RV where round-the-clock disturbances take place, leaves me speechless on so many levels.
    $100,000 for fencing?
    Aside from that, the fact that Councilman Mike Bonin refused to address this community safety issue?
    And …

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