Jessica Rogers Applauds Bonin for his Bravery

Jessica Rogers, a recall Bonin 2022 Neighborhood Lead and Volunteer, made a film applauding Councilman Mike Bonin’s for his admission of depression/mental illness. Rogers noted that this is a topic that needs to be recognized in Los Angeles.

On January 26, in a video message, Councilman Mike Bonin announced that he wouldn’t seek reelection for a third time. He said that the past few years have taken a toll, physically, mentally and emotionally, and he’s decided to focus on health and his family. “I need to listen to my heart,” he said. (visit: Video of Bonin )

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5 Responses to Jessica Rogers Applauds Bonin for his Bravery

  1. Steve Dickey says:

    You left out the important part. She called for Bonin’s immediate resignation.

  2. Karin Olson-Espinosa says:

    Very well said, Jessica! Thank you, Sue, for including this. I did a little jog when I learned from your publication that Bonin had stepped down from the upcoming race. I applaud Jessica and her understanding that mental health issues are present in all of our lives-not just with the homeless population. I hope that Bonin indeed does step down immediately. Again, thank you Sue for your tireless work!

  3. cindy simon says:

    After reading Mike Bonin’s statement on his serious health issues and the impact they are having on his life, I would expect him to resign now and address them for his and his constituents well being … rather than stay in office until June.

  4. Kathleen Jensen says:

    Mike Bonin has spoken about his mental health issues before. I wish he wouldn’t have attempted to run for a 3rd term when he and his husband knew he couldn’t handle the job any longer. Stepping back sooner would have saved Westside communities a lot of turmoil the past year. I wish Mike and his family a peaceful future.

  5. Kathleen Jensen says:

    Thanks to Jessica Rogers for her video message. Well done.

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