Gardening without Gas-Powered Blowers

Pacific Palisades former honorary co-mayor Janice Crystal advocating for cleaner air by eschewing gas-powered blowers.

The Pacific Palisades Garden Club will host its monthly meeting tomorrow, May 2, at 7 p.m. via Zoom. The speaker will be Sheda Morshed of Resilient Palisades, a nonprofit based in town that works with issues that affect the environment. Her topic will be “Gas-Free Gardens.”

Morshed will explain that the leading source of smog in California is not cars but gas-powered gardening equipment. When people or gardeners blow debris from gardens with gas-powered equipment, they are actually creating highway-level pollutant levels in the backyard.

Those emissions can contain heavy metals and carcinogens that don’t simply float away – they land around the neighborhood, on picnic tables, lawns and into pet’s water bowls.

A more sustainable way of garden maintenance is to ditch the gas-powered tools and use a combination of hand and battery/electric equipment.

Many hired gardeners may not do this on their own and this is where residents can help by starting the conversation about “ditching” the gas. The EPA has deemed gas-powered gardening equipment a “public health concern,” so why are they still used in town?

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