Early Morning Earthquake; Musings Questioned

4.2 Earthquake Hits Southland, Wakes Some

The LAFD posted the following alert from spokesperson Nicholas Prange: “#EarthquakeMode; INC#0192; 4:45AM; Following the M4.5 #earthquake activity in the greater Los Angeles area (#SanFernando) at 4:29 AM, LAFD is, according to protocol, in Earthquake Emergency Mode with fire department vehicles and helicopters patrolling our ~470 square-mile jurisdiction to identify any damage or emergency needs. Thus far, there are NO early reports of significant damage or injury in the City of Los Angeles.”

If you check USGS (https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/?extent=18.47961,-130.16602&extent=54.03359,-59.85352), you can see it was actually seven tiny shakers all centered near Pacoima. The first hit at 4:29 a.m. and was the largest on the Richter scale at 4.2.

7:24 a.m. 2km N of Pacoima, 2.7

6:59 a.m.  2km N of Pacoima, 2.6

6:49 a.m. 2km NNW of Pacoima a 2.7

6:48 a.m. 2km NNE Of Pacoima 3.8

4:38, a.m. 2Km No of Pacoima 3.1

4:30 a.m. 3 Km NW of Pacoima 2.5

4:29 a.m. 2km N of Pacoima 4.2

One reader wrote: “It was strange here in Castellammare. The house did not shake. It was what I call a ‘sound earthquake.’ It sounded like a loud sliding door was being opened on a nearby panel truck. I actually went to the front window to see if there was a truck on the street. When I didn’t see one, I realized it had to be an earthquake.”

Another reader wrote: “There was a big jolt, then shaking. The whole building was moving.”

This editor admits to sleeping through the whole thing.


Readers Object to a Different Viewpoint:

A lot of people wrote in about LAPD Officer Rusty Redican’s thankfulness at being appreciated by local residents and his warning to look beyond slogans and at people’s intention.

LAPD responded to a man with a knife stealing booze at Ralphs last week.

One person told CTN, “You’re really too much. Cancel my subscription.”

Another person wrote, “While I know there is huge overkill on our police force criticism and though I am a moderate, I resent the left being blamed for the unjust and unlawful treatment of our police.  Anyone who has been treated unjustly by police carries resentment that could cause extreme reactions. Certainly, they are not all left, or even all right.”

Another reader quoted the police officer, “I hope that the majority start really stating emphatically, that enough is enough! The wolf is at the door, and leftists are putting you, your families and community in the crosshairs of violent crime!”

The reader continued, “That paragraph wasn’t necessary to include. It is an opinion and a rather divisive one. I was sorry to see ‘flaming’ when it wasn’t necessary, not accurate and is counterproductive to the story. In MY humble opinion as someone who values the police and agrees that enough is enough. But, I’m one of those leftist folks. <smile>  I’ve had black visitors who were stopped by the police while driving [after] they left my house.

“One of my friends had visited for a couple of days and I was surprised to see him sitting on the couch, removing his driver’s license, his company ID, and another photo ID, putting them in a pile. I made a joke about it but asked why he was doing that. This man who was integral to the satellite program, who has top clearances, who is highly considered in his field, a member of Mensa, well-groomed and soft spoken… told me why. He said, ‘I keep this on the dashboard so when I am stopped, I can give my ID without moving my hands out of sight.’ I was astounded. He saw I was stunned and explained further, “A black man in this neighborhood, driving a BMW ….   Well, you get the idea.”

“No, Sue, I had NO idea! ‘WHEN I am stopped’?!!!  So, I guess I’m a ‘leftie’ because I believe we have a long way to go and some serious education to get there and that paragraph shows me just how far we are from the goals.”

Bill Bruns at the 2019 annual 90th Birthday Party. It was not held this year.

When Bill Bruns was editor at the Palisadian-Post, he had a columnist who presented vigorous progressive views that some readers felt were “too far left.” Each time he published one of her columns, he would receive angry emails, decrying the viewpoint and asking him to cancel her.


I asked him once, why he didn’t. He replied that differing viewpoints are important, and he didn’t expect all of his readers to agree with them. He also made a point to publish letters objecting to what had appeared on the Post’s editorial page.

A newspaper isn’t about consensus – it’s about presenting different sides of thought and allowing people to draw their conclusions. Just because we don’t agree, doesn’t mean that various political opinions shouldn’t be discussed.

When this country was founded there were enormous disagreements about big states vs. small states, congressional representation, taxes, war pensions, trade and slavery. But the Founders listened to other viewpoints and managed to put together a document that has held the United States together ever since.

If you feel secure enough in what you believe, you are able to listen to another point of view without demanding that the person be silenced.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” H.L. Mencken



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  1. Trish Sobul says:

    I’m reading this on iPhone so apologies if I’ve missed something. Your reader who canceled subscription just put blinders on… don’t tell me what I don’t want to hear. But.. without doubt, I reacted to our officer’s comment “leftists”. Opinions are one thing. Labeling is not helpful when you serve the ENTIRE public.

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