Court Document Lists Will Rogers Beach as Housing Alternative

Councilman Mike Bonin is proposing putting little houses for the homeless in the Will Rogers State Beach Parking lot, which is normally packed on weekends – and during weekdays in the summer.

Case No. CV 20-02291, filed on April 15 by Scott Marcus, the Senior Assistant City Attorney Counsel for the City of Los Angeles, in the United States District Court – Central District of California, lists Councilman Mike Bonin’s proposal to put homeless at Will Rogers State Beach, at the site of the Junior Lifeguards camp.

The case pits plaintiffs LA Alliance for Human Rights against the defendant, the City of Los Angeles. U.S. District Judge David O. Carter is hearing the case.

Exhibit A is a report that shows the City’s efforts to house the homeless and notes that on April 16, 2021, the City will have developed 5,467 open and occupiable new intervention beds (compared to the earlier agreed upon 5,300 beds) and 728 beds in cooperation with the County for a total of 6,1995 open and occupiable beds.

Exhibit B summarizes the type of interventions being developed in each Council District and the number of unsheltered Angelenos that need to be moved from the freeways or who are 65 years are older from each of the Council Districts.

CD 11 (p. 21) identifies the under-the-freeway encampments the judge wants the City to address with the Sheltering Plan.

The court document then lists the interventions and developments that the City proposes. The proposed interventions, which include 50 tents/cabins at Will Rogers, at Dockweiler and at Marina del Rey Boat Launch parking lot are included here.


How much do tiny homes cost? In the document under Funding Recommendations: Interim Housing in Exhibits, it lists the amount the City will spend on different projects and where the funding may come from.

“This report recommends funding for two (2) new interim housing sites with 284 beds. $7,173,096 is proposed for the construction of a Tiny Home Village with 224 beds at Arroyo Drive and Avenue 60, a Recreation and Parks Department site, in Council District (CD) 14. An additional, $3,732,920 is recommended for services/operations through June 30, 2022 ($3,720,640), and for furniture, fixtures and equipment ($12,280) for this site.” The total cost is $51,556 per person.

For example, on page 7, it lists: “REPROGRAM $3,668,578  to  Federal  Coronavirus  Relief  Fund No. 63M, Department No. 10, Account No.10T695 from: a. $1,000,000  allocated  to  the  Bureau of Engineering  for site assessments and environmental studies for Tiny Home Village; and b. $2,668,578 reserved for matching funds for successful Homekey applications.


“TRANSFER $17,560,289 from the Federal Coronavirus Relief Fund No. 63M, Department No. 10, Account No. 10T695 to Fund No. 63M, Department No. 10, to various project accounts for the  construction of eight (8) previously approved interim  housing  sites to replace Homeless Housing Assistance, and Prevention Program (HHAP) funding as outlined in this report, Page 13.”

To view the entire document, go to and click on court documents.



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2 Responses to Court Document Lists Will Rogers Beach as Housing Alternative

  1. Cassandra Riera says:

    I am relieved escrow closed on the sale of my home in the Palisades earlier this week. What a depressing state of affairs.

  2. coral says:

    Is there nothing to be done about stopping this madman… He’s ruined Venice beach and now wants this one trashed too? Just living through months of homeless parked next to the AT&T box/tower and having it trashed by them trying to steal electrical power has been enough of an exhausting problem. AND there were no bathroom facilities nearby… their vehicles didn’t move as they were under repair… so what did they use?
    What about the use of empty government facilities as our police homeless task force officer Rusty suggested. hopefully help is on the way to stop this proposal…

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