City Council Will Vote to Adopt Covid Emergency August 26

Homeless and garbage have taken away handicapped parking spaces at the Westchester Senior Center. The City’s Emergency [Covid] resolution, prevents the City from taking action

If a resident thinks they misread the headline about the Covid Pandemic Emergency, they have not. On August 26, 2022, councilmembers will once again vote to keep the City in a State of Emergency because of Covid 19. They have approved it every 30 days since the motion originally passed in March 2020.
The resolution up for adoption on Friday is:

  • Resolve that a local emergency continues to persist within the City of Los Angeles, within the meaning of Los Angeles Administrative Code Section 8.21, et seq., and the continuance of the Mayor’s March 4, 2020, Declaration of Local Emergency through 30 days from the adoption of this Resolution is therefore necessary.
  • Direct, in accordance with the LAAC, Section 8.21 et seq., all appropriate City departments, agencies and personnel shall continue to perform all duties and responsibilities to represent the City of Los Angeles in this matter for the purpose of abating the emergency and for the receipt, processing and coordination of all inquiries and requirements necessary to obtain whatever State and Federal assistance that may become available to the citizens of Los Angeles who may be affected by the emergency.
  • Instruct the General Manager, Emergency Management Department, to advise the Mayor and City Council on the need for extension of this Declaration of Local Emergency as may be required.
  • Instruct the City Clerk to forward copies of this Resolution to the Governor of the State of California, the Director of the California Office of Emergency Services, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Exactly what does this motion do, besides requiring people to wear face masks in Los Angeles City libraries and Rec Centers and in the City Council chambers? This resolution provides justification for RV dwelling and camping in public areas.

In an August 19, Wall Street Journal piece (“Fauci and Walensky Double Down on Failure”) author John Tierney examines the evidence of lockdowns and mask mandates.

“U.S. States with more restrictive policies fared no better, on average, than states with less-restrictive policies. There’s still no convincing evidence that masks provided any significant benefits. When case rates through the pandemic are plotted on a graph, the trajectory in states with mask mandates is virtually identical to the trajectory in states without mandates. (The states without mandates actually had slight fewer Covid deaths per capita.) International comparisons yield similar results.”

“Florida and Sweden were accused of deadly folly for keeping schools and businesses open without masks, but their polices have been vindicated. In Florida, the cumulative age-adjusted rate of Covid mortality is below the national average, the rate of excess mortality is lower than in California, which endured one of the nation’s strictest lockdowns and worst spikes in unemployment.”

Tierney wrote that initially, universal masking and school/business closures were not recommended, but that changed in March 2020, when computer modelers in England announced that a lockdown was the only way to avoid doomsday.

He writes that before the next pandemic, lessons should be learned from these lockdowns.

This brings us back to why is the L.A. City Council still adopting an emergency resolution?

Face masks are not required in L.A. County libraries, why are they required in L.A. City libraries?

It is time to end it. It is time to stop using a disease as an excuse not to deal with issues on the streets.

Visit: to view the agenda. The resolution 20-0291 is on page 30 of the 32-page agenda. Public comment can be sent to

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  1. Dear Sue:
    Another thing this “Declaration of Local Emergency” does is (and why it unlikey to go away until there new elected City council members) is it keeps Landlords from evicting tenants for a whole host of reasons, up to and including the non-payment of rent. It has also frozen all Los Angeles RSO properties from implementing annual rent increases (which the RSO mandates and has been about 3% per year) since 2020. This means Landlords are still bearing the burden for the largess of the City Council. BTW: No RSO rent increases for 1 year after it ends, and no evictions for any property for the same time period.
    They are bribing their consituents for votes with Landlord money.

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