Bonin’s Office Talked to a Coastal Commission Director in December about Tiny Homes for the Homeless on Beach Parking Lots 


Councilman Mike Bonin

How long has Councilman Mike Bonin been communicating with Coastal Commission representatives about his desire to house the homeless at beach parking lots and City parks? Since at least December 2020.

Following are the December 2, 2020 emails obtained through the public records act and shared with Circling the News, between Steve Hudson, district director for the South Central Coast and Krista Kline, Councilman Bonin’s deputy chief of staff.

From: Krista Kline  
Sent: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 10:57 AM
To: Hudson, Steve@Coastal 
Subject: pallet sites

Hi Steve!

Thanks again for letting me crash your meeting with city folks yesterday. I appreciate it.

I wanted to give you a head’s up that Councilmember Bonin (and Supervisor Hahn) want to meet with Jack to discuss the pallet shelter idea. So, I’m going to be reaching out to Jack about that. I wanted to know if you’d like to be in that meeting, as well. 

Thanks again for being so accommodating with your time to talk about homeless solutions. I really appreciate it.


Krista Kline
Deputy Chief of Staff
Councilmember Mike Bonin
City of Los Angeles


Hi, Krista,

I was glad to have you there and it sounds like an interesting project. Yes, I’d be interested in joining that meeting. Is the “pallet shelter” project the same as the hotel conversion project that was discussed yesterday?



Steve Hudson

District Director

South Central Coast District

California Coastal Commission

89 South California Street, Suite 200

Ventura, CA 93001

(805) 585-1800


South Coast District – Los Angeles Area

California Coastal Commission

301 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 300

Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) 590-5071


Kline responded:

“The pallet shelter project is different from the hotel conversion (project homekey) — the pallet shelters are the tiny villages located on the beach parking lots that we briefly discussed a few weeks ago. 

Thanks again-


How were the emails discovered? Through another controversial project — converting the Ramada Inn in Venice to a “Homekey” site.

Residents may have heard the term Project Roomkey and Project Homekey and think they are the same. They are not.

Project Roomkey was established by the State in March 2020 to provide non-congregate shelter options for people experiencing homelessness. The units are intended to be temporary, while serving as a pathway to permanent housing. Local governments were supposed to identify shelter clients.

Project Homekey grew out of that program when Governor Gavin Newsom made available $600 million in state and emergency funds to city and counties to purchase motels.

In order to qualify for Project Homekey, the City needed to receive state funding and the property had to meet certain vetting criteria and deadlines.

Residents learned that Los Angeles purchased the property with its own funds, then approved its own Coastal Development Permit over the objections of more than 400 neighbors and businesses and finally deeded City/taxpayer-owned property to a service provider.

Public Records Requests were shared with Circling the News. The state, on March 5, wrote: “Several members of program staff for multiple divisions were asked and that project was not funded by HCD.”

A March 23 public records request stated, “I have been advised by program staff that the City of Los Angeles has their own program, also called HomeKey, and that they might be able to provide assistance.”

And, a public records request received last week noted that “in response to your follow-up message of March 23, 2021, no Homekey applications were submitted to the State for these properties.”

This Ramada Hotel was purchased by the City and turned over to PATH, a homeless housing provider.

According to a December 2020 Venice Current story (“Ramada Inn on Washington Boulevard Sold to City for Project Homekey for $10 Million”) that was updated in April, “The Los Angeles City Council authorized the use of Project Homekey funds to purchase eight buildings, including the 44-room Super 8 on Airport Boulevard in Westchester and the 33-room Ramada Inn on Washington Blvd. in Venice.

“The total cost for the eight properties was $90 million. The estimated purchase price of the Ramada Inn was $9,900,000. The City listed closing costs to be $300,207 bringing the total to $10,200,207. Renovations are expected to come in at $382,220. With 33 rooms, that totals about $322,000 a door.”

After using taxpayer money to buy the property, the City deeded it to P.A.T.H., the service provider, who was awarded a multi-million dollar, no-bid contract to operate the facility in December 2020 (L.A. County Recorder’s office #20201677458). See attached agreement Rec – Grant Deed

One Venice resident asked, “Since when is our tax money used to enhance the real estate portfolios of private entities?”

To sum up, the City has not been transparent with its residents about the money spent — and residents have been excluded from conversations regarding housing the homeless.

It was only through public records requests that residents were able to discover that Bonin’s Council District 11 had been in conversations with a Coastal Commission representative about beach parking lots and that a hotel was purchased and deeded to a nonprofit.

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9 Responses to Bonin’s Office Talked to a Coastal Commission Director in December about Tiny Homes for the Homeless on Beach Parking Lots 

  1. Jeff Ridgway says:

    Well done, Sue !

  2. Leigh Sand says:

    This is high quality authentic journalism! Great digging, Sue! The ethics presented here are incredibly disappointing.

  3. Stefanie Cho says:

    Thank you Sue for more exceptional reporting!!

  4. Rick Swinger says:

    Social Service Industrial Complex does not want to solve the homeless problem and neither do the politicians that are in bed with them!

  5. Sean obrien says:

    Venice is burning

  6. John Friar says:

    Thank you for the information, Rick. No wonder there is so little available for the homeless. During Mr. Bonin ‘s tenure, the problem has only gotten worse–even with all the money being thrown at it.

  7. john Okulick says:

    Bonin inflames the problem facing our community with acts of defiance that threatens our safety. Now he lavishes secretly, millions of tax dollars to his enablers as gifts without any review or oversight. He is a thug with no conscience doing as he pleases with no plan, no positive results and no support from those he has disenfranchised. What is behind this giveaway? Why is public property being given to Path which has failed to show positive results plus no bid, no oversight contracts to the same company. They have failed at bridge housing also contracted to Path. Is United way behind this to enrich itself? No end to the corruption from this city councilman. He is a menace doing irreversible damage to our beach community.

  8. Paula H. Deats says:

    Sue, I was ignorant about Newsom’s “Project HomeKey” – which is the most sensible thing I’ve heard yet! The homeless don’t want to live ALONE (we can see that, surely?)
    And don’t want to live in “safe camps”…overseen or “safeguarded” by law officers. Anywhere, no matter what the view, no matter how kind the officers. The pallet houses are a waste of…..everything.
    Thank you for keeping people like me educated! Every time I open CTN, matter of fact.

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