Big Bunny Comes to Town; Palisades Holds Annual Egg Hunt 

This child was excited to meet the bunny at the Egg Hunt at the Rec Center.
Photographer: Rich Schmitt


The Palisades Recreation Center held its annual egg hunt on April 7.

The event began at 11 a.m. when the fire truck from Fire Station 69 arrived with the Easter Bunny. Children were allowed to climb on the truck, and many were awe-struck getting to meet the bunny.

The main event started at 11:30, when more than 40 children rushed onto the Field of Dreams with bags and baskets in hand.

More than 4,000 eggs had been scattered across the field, each containing candy. The field was divided for two age groups: those six and older and those five and younger.

There was a special Golden Egg, and the one lucky collector received a special handmade Easter basket filled with goodies. At 11:50 a.m., a second chance egg hunt was held for those who arrived late or didn’t get to collect any eggs the first time.

After the egg hunt, children could enjoy plenty of fun and free attractions, such as ice cream, face painting, bouncy houses and painting.

Super Soccer Stars, a youth soccer program, held a challenge to see if you could kick down a cone with a soccer ball. I took the challenge myself and won a butterscotch DumDum.

“The L.A. Parks Association puts on events like this all year for every season,” said Rec Center Park Director Jasmine Dowlatshani. “One of the best parts about this event is how it gives plenty of groups in the Palisades chances to advertise themselves, like ATAM, Super Soccer Stars and The Music Center.”

Dowlatshani also wanted to thank members of the Team Council and the Tennis Center for volunteering and sponsoring the event, respectively.

Fynn Kassab was the Golden Egg winner for ages 7 and up.
Photographer: Rich Schmitt

(Editor’s note: to view more of Rich Schmitt’s images from this event, and he has some adorable ones not only of individual children, but also families go to click here.)

Families came to the egg hunt at the Rec Center on Friday.
Photographer: Rich Schmitt

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  1. Heather Pedersen says:

    That’s my daughter Harper with the Easter Bunny! She’s 3 years old and had so much fun at this event. Thanks for featuring her picture.

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