Woman Dead, Man Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

This was the vehicle driven by the 21-year-old that hit vehicles parked along PCH, knocking them into the rocks and ocean below.

A woman, Ashleigh Lawrence, was on the beach below Gladstones with her son and another friend at 12:45 a.m. on April 8. According to one report, they were initially visiting the area to enjoy the beach under the moonlight.

According to LAFD, a vehicle traveling east on Pacific Coast Highway collided with several parked vehicles, sending two over the embankment to the rocks where the people were seated. Lawrence, 32, was fatally struck.

Six patients, including Lawrence’s son and friend were transported to the hospital. One person was listed in serious condition, five were in fair-to-moderate condition.

Los Angeles Police Media Relations reported that the motorist, 21, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. CTN called West Traffic, but the suspect’s identity has not been released as the case remains under investigation for felony drunk driving.

KEYNEWS.TV has a seven-minute video of the firefighters and police working to transport victims to the hospital. They also have a shot of the suspect taking the sobriety test click here.

A Palisades resident took this photo of the accident scene the following morning, as crews worked to bring the cars off the beach.

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4 Responses to Woman Dead, Man Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

  1. Dana Dalton says:

    Sadly it’s time to push for a DUI checkpoint (all summer) at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and PCH. That’s the only way we’re gonna be safe.

  2. Doug Day says:

    Sadly, “Sunset” gas become a haven for people getting drunk, high and violent. This incident occurred at the portion of Sunset known as the Ramp…where surfers clamber down to paddle north out to the Point. South of the Ramp is the Stairs, the mid-point for entering the water. The southern terminus is by the fence at the Bay Club. I will hear the tired, repetitive, now-automatic chorus of excuses for this but this could have been a tragedy averted if the laws for parking along PCH at Sunset had been enforced…the dozen signs say No Parking 10pm – 5am.

  3. ANNINE MADOK says:

    Great reporting Sue!

  4. Russell Long says:

    Wow, thanks for reporting on this. Tragic for those affected.

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